One Piece: The Elbaf’s Arc’s MVPs, Explained

These will be the MVPs of the Elbaf arc in One Piece.


  • Luffy’s role in the Elbaf arc is crucial, especially as Sun God Nika, with a potential showdown with Shanks.
  • Usopp and Robin will shine in the upcoming Elbaf arc, with emotional ties and important reunions.
  • The anticipation for the Elbaf arc is high, as key characters like Shanks, Giants, and Emperors will play significant roles.

One Piece is currently in the Egghead Island arc, and with each passing chapter, the story moves ever so closer to Elbaf. Elbaf is a very exciting arc that fans are eagerly waiting for at this point in the story. This arc was first hinted at by Oda during the Little Garden arc of One Piece, where the Giant race was first introduced properly.

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Now, Elbaf is within the sights of the fans, and it is going to be an incredibly important section in the story moving forward. It is most definitely going to be a major story arc, similar to the likes of Whole Cake Island, and Wano Country. For that reason, fans are sure that this arc will have many important characters play an essential role. Among the Straw Hat Pirates, there are also characters who will, as usual, shine more than the others, and that is certainly another important aspect of this story arc.

The Beginning Of The Elbaf Arc

The Straw Hat Pirates Look Set To Sail To Elbaf

Elbaf island in ne piece is the home of giants

The Elbaf arc of One Piece will begin shortly after the conclusion of the Egghead Island arc. At this point, it seems that the Egghead Island arc is merely a few chapters away from its conclusion. The escape of the Straw Hat Pirates looks like it is on the horizon now, with both groups having made all preparations for escape. Of course, escaping from the grasp of the Five Elders is not going to be easy for the crew. However, in some way, it will most likely end up being possible. It is highly likely that the Iron Giant will open the path for the A Pirates to escape, and once that happens, the crew can safely set sail for the island of Elbaf.

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The fans were previously confused as to what the next arc of One Piece is going to be, but Oda confirmed midway through the Egghead Island arc, that the next destination was going to be Elbaf. This came through Dr. Vegapunk, who clarified that the Logpose is now pointing towards Elbaf, which is very close to Egghead. Most importantly, towards the end Of the Egghead Island arc, the Giants themselves showed up on Egghead.

They demonstrated incredible might, broke through the siege of the Navy, and even descended on the island themselves. The Giants secured the Sun God Nika and blew their horn, which signaled a retreat. With that, it became clear that the Straw Hat Pirates will be headed with the Giants to Elbaf, and essentially, the next destination for the crew is set.

Elbaf’s MVPs: Luffy

Luffy Has A Massive Role To Play In Elbaf As The Sun God

Luffy Nika Gear 5 Oda Freedom One Piece 1103

When it comes to the MVPs of the Elbaf arc, there is one character that will inevitably end up getting a lot of shine, and that is Luffy. Elbaf is most definitely going to be a massive arc, and usually, Luffy is at the forefront of things in every major arc in One Piece. This arc is most likely going to be somewhat similar to the likes of Dressrosa, Whole Cake Island, and Wano. All these arcs have spanned over multiple years, with hundreds of chapters being published. Elbaf is most likely going to follow a similar route, which means that Luffy will have a lot of things on his plate.

This is especially true now because Luffy is Sun God Nika. The Giants of the One Piece world have a deep connection to the Sun God, as has been hinted at in the story on many occasions. As such, Luffy will find himself being very busy in Elbaf, given all the revelations pertaining to the Sun God, and the lore that is attached to him. However, that certainly is not all. Luffy will most likely also end up meeting Shanks, the pirate that Luffy aims to meet and surpass, in Elbaf.

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Once Luffy meets Shanks, their promise will be fulfilled, and these two will most likely end up fighting against each other. It is this battle that the fans should be the most excited about, and it is certainly going to be one of the most incredible clashes in the entire series. As such, Luffy will finally deliver upon the promise to Shanks as well as surpass him as a pirate. It is surely going to be an incredibly essential plot point in the series, and that is something that the fans absolutely cannot wait for.

Elbaf’s MVPs: The Other Important Characters In The Arc

Usopp And Robin Will Shine In The Elbaf Arc Of One Piece


While Luffy will most definitely get a lot of shine in the Elbaf arc, he is certainly not the only one. There are other characters who will end up receiving a lot of focus in this particular segment of the story, such as Usopp. Usopp is one character who desperately needs more attention in the story. After the timeskip, Usopp has had his moments here and there, however, he has not received proper attention in New World. The closest that Usopp came to receiving a lot of attention was during the Dressrosa arc, where he had bits with the Tontatta Tribe, as well as moments where he played the savior. Ever since then, Usopp has been largely underwhelming in the story. However, if fans can bet on one thing, it is Usopp getting a lot of shine in the Elbaf arc.

Usopp’s link to the Elbaf Giants is a very strong emotional bond. He has always wanted to be like them and visiting Elbaf was actually one of his dreams. Even recently, when Dory and Broggy showed up on Egghead, Usopp referred to them as his masters and was quite clearly emotional. When Usopp visits Elbaf, fans should expect big things for his character on this particular Island, and that is certainly very exciting.

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Another important character who will end up receiving a lot of shine in Elbaf is most likely going to be Nico Robin. Fans know already that Nico Robin will be the key to the One Piece in the last stages of the story. Robin has the special ability to read all the Poneglyphs. However, she might not be the only one with this ability.


Saul, who managed to salvage the books from the library of Ohara, is waiting in Elbaf. When Robin goes to Elbaf, she will have a very important reunion with Saul, and both these characters will end up receiving a lot of attention. Naturally, Robin, being one of the main characters, will end up receiving most of the attention here and that is yet another reunion that fans are interested to look at.

Other than the straw hat Pirates, there are of course individuals who will most definitely shine in Elbaf. These would be the likes of Red Haired Shanks, Prince Loki, the Giants Dory and Broggy, and potentially more powerful figures in the One Piece World. The likes of the Emperors will also end up receiving a lot of attention, and the Cross Guild could end up playing a major role as well. From here onwards, One Piece is going to be incredibly exciting, with quite a lot of characters perceiving the spotlight.

One Piece is available to read via Viz Media. The series can be read by the fans officially and for free on the Shonen Jump and the Manga Plus app. The release date for the next chapter of One Piece, One Piece 1112, is set to be April 21, 2024.

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