One Piece: The Haki Of The Gorosei, Explained

The Haki of the Five Elders proves to be extremely powerful in One Piece.


  • The Five Elders in One Piece are not just powerful Yokai users, but also possess strong Haki abilities, making them formidable opponents.
  • The Gorosei’s incredible Yokai transformations are akin to Devil Fruits, except they are not revealed to have Devil Fruits at all, raising questions about their origins.
  • Fans can expect the Five Elders to showcase Conqueror’s Haki in the future, potentially making them some of the strongest fighters in One Piece’s final saga.

One Piece has thrown quite a lot of focus on the likes of the Five Elders lately, and fans are incredibly ecstatic to see these monstrously powerful individuals get a lot of focus. Oda was waiting to involve them in the main story, and with the series now edging close to its conclusion, thanks to the beginning of the Final Saga, it is now apparent that the Five Elders are going to be exceptionally important from here onwards.

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In the previous chapter of One Piece, the Five Elders showed tremendous strength to the fans, and much of it was down to their incredible Yokai transformations. However, they have much more than that to offer. The Five Elders are also strong Haki users, and this ability of theirs might not have received as much attention so far.

The Powers Of The Gorosei


The powers of the Gorosei that the fans have seen so far are largely related to their Yokai abilities. The Gorosei possess tremendous strength up their sleeve, thanks to their incredible Yokai forms. It isn’t exactly clear to the fans what their Yokai transformations stem from. Clearly, these transformations are just like Devil Fruits. In fact, they even follow the same rules as normal Devil Fruits. For instance, all of them fall under the category of a Zoan type, and all of them have the powers of a regular form, a full form, and a hybrid form. Clearly, these are powers that are related to regular Zoan fruits. However, Oda’s decision to not reveal a Devil Fruit name for them, but instead showcase them to be Yokai instead is quite curious. This suggests that the Gorosei do not have Devil Fruits at all, and that their powers are derived from something else. Perhaps, this is connected to Imu, the sovereign of the world, and fans will certainly have to wait to see if that idea is true or not. Regardless, every single member of the Gorosei possesses tremendous strength.

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Saint Saturn was the very first one that the fans saw, and One Piece chapter 1110 confirmed him to have the powers of the Gyuki. At the same time, fans also got to witness the powers of other Elders. Saint Ju Peter was revealed to have the power of the Sandworm, and its abilities were explored in quite some detail in One Piece chapter 1110. At the same time, Saint V. Nusjuro was revealed to have the power of a Bakotsu, which is a skeleton horse Yokai. Venus appears to be one of the most impressive members of the Five Elders so far. Saint Topman Warcury was revealed to have the power of the Fengxi, and his strength, as well as his stature appears to be quite intimidating. Sadly, fans have not seen much of him just yet.

Saint Marcus Mars was shown to have the power of the Itsumade Yokai, and this giant bird-like beast was seen terrorizing the Labophase Frontier Dome earlier. All this constituted the power of the Five Elders, and it was clear for the fans to see that their abilities made them some of the strongest individuals in the entire series. One Piece chapter 1110 showcased them to be monstrously powerful individuals. However, that is certainly not all they have up their sleeve. It goes without saying that the Five Elders have powerful Haki as well.

Are The Gorosei Haki Users?


Fans might wonder as to whether the Five Elders are Haki users or not. This is quite a common question to have, especially since their Devil Fruits appear to be very powerful. The answer to this question is that they certainly do possess Haki. For instance, Saint V. Nusjuro is seen using Haki on his blade to turn it black and attack the Pacifistas. He used his incredibly powerful Haki to slice through his enemy with ease. At the same time, Saint Saturn was seen producing a giant wave of Haki when he arrived on Egghead. This Haki was so strong that its presence was felt all over the island. If that wasn’t enough, when the remaining Elders arrived on Egghead, every single one of them showcased tremendous Haki force.

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This was once again felt by everyone on Egghead Island, especially the likes of Zoro, and also Lucci. It is safe to say that all members of the Five Elders possess tremendous Haki, as is expected of individuals of their stature. These are individuals who, long ago, terrorized the entire planet and they even managed to beat the Ancient Kingdom. These are the Godheads of the World Government, and for them to have Haki is not a surprise. At the very least, fans should be sure of all the members of the Elders having incredible Haki of two types, that is, Observation and Armament.

How Strong Is The Haki Of The Gorosei?

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While fans might want to ask how strong the Haki of the Five Elders is, it is safe to assume that their control over this amazing power is among the very best in the entire series. These are individuals who have had centuries of experience in battle. In fact, they are people known as warrior gods, and for them, having tremendous Haki should not come as a surprise to anyone. The clearest indication of their strong Haki was given in One Piece after 1110, when both Lucci and Zoro confirmed their Haki to be monstrous. While they haven’t extensively utilized their Haki in combat just yet, it is only a matter of time before they do so, and when they do, fans will most definitely see what their capabilities are when it comes to this skill.

As mentioned earlier, the Five Elders will most definitely have at least two types of Haki, however, fans should definitely not be surprised to see them being users of Conqueror’s Haki as well. Conqueror’s Haki is an ability that only a handful of individuals in the world are born with. It is a power that is wielded by a select few. Within the Marines, the likes of Garp and Sengoku have this power. While it is rare among those of the World Government, the Warrior Gods, who are some of the highest-ranked individuals in the entire world, should most definitely possess it. Doflamingo, who was a Celestial Dragon, had this power as well. For the Five Elders to hold this ability should not come as a surprise to any fan.

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In fact, this is highly likely, given that these are individuals who possessed royal bloodline, and were the kings of their respective kingdoms. Every single member of the Five Elders is a ruler of a particular family with royal blood. As such, they have a very high chance of having Conqueror’s Haki.

It is highly likely that fans will get to see them utilize Conqueror’s Haki, and most definitely even the infusion ability of Conqueror’s Haki in the upcoming future of One Piece. This would raise their status among the strongest fighters in One Piece even more, and make them deadly endgame villains for the Straw Hat Pirates to topple. So far, fans have only seen the brink of what the Gorosei can truly do, and their true capabilities are surely going to be far beyond what they have shown, especially in terms of Haki.

One Piece is available to read via Viz Media. The series can be read by the fans officially and for free on the Shonen Jump and the Manga Plus app. The release date for the next chapter of One Piece, One Piece 1111, is set to be March 24, 2024.

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