One Piece: The Straw Hat Pirates Vs. Marines, Explained

The confrontation between the Straw Hats and the Marines will be an incredible event and the peak of the Egghead island arc.


  • The Egghead Island arc in One Piece has been a surprise hit with fans, expanding beyond the island itself to include major events happening in the One Piece world.
  • The return of the Straw Hat Pirates to the story after a four-month absence has been eagerly anticipated by fans, who are excited to see them take on the Navy in a head-on war.
  • The result of the Egghead Incident is expected to be groundbreaking and could potentially lead to major victories for Luffy and the Straw Hats, as well as significant consequences for the World Government and the Navy.



The One Piece manga has kicked off the Final Saga in quite some style as the Egghead Island arc continues to impress the fans week in week out. Fans have thoroughly enjoyed this arc, which many believed would be a short one. Oda went on to surprise every single fan of the series and turned Egghead Island into a behemoth of an arc, with events from all over the world on a magnanimous scale.

While the arc in itself is called Egghead Island, quite a lot of the bits it covers take the fans away from Egghead. In fact, the fans did not see the Straw Hat Pirates for a couple of months prior to last week’s chapter and that certainly goes to show that this arc means business. Now, finally, the Straw Hat Pirates have returned to take on the Navy in a head-on war.

The Exclusion Of The Straw Hats

Kuzan vs Garp One Piece 1087

The Straw Hat Pirates started off Egghead Island by meeting Vegapunk and then went on to explore the entirety of the island. While they faced quite a lot of problems on the island itself, which included scientific creations, such as different bodies of Vegapunk and even powerful Seraphims, catastrophic events were actually happening away from the island. In the New World, Trafalgar Law fought against Blackbeard and ended up losing all his Poneglyphs, with his crew getting destroyed in the process. Meanwhile, Kid faced even worse defeat at the hands of Shanks in Elbaf. Sabo managed to arrive on Momoiro Island where he went on to narrate the events of the Reverie to Dragon and, by extension, to the fans. And finally, fans also got to see Garp invade the Pirate Island and rescue Captain Koby, sacrificing himself in the process.

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The world of One Piece shifted a lot during these days and fans certainly enjoyed watching all of these events unfold one by one. However, at the core of One Piece is the Straw Hat Crew and that is why fans enjoyed this series as much as they do. Staying away from them for 4 months was certainly difficult for every fan, but it certainly helped that every chapter was exceptional. Thankfully, the wait is over now. Finally, fans have their Straw Hat Pirates back in the story and by the looks of it, they are going to be central to some of the biggest plot points in the post-time skip of One Piece.

Return To Egghead Island

navy siege of egghead island one piece 1090

The Straw Hat Pirates finally made their return in chapter 1089 of One Piece. Fans got to see the Marines surround the island and lay siege to it in the hopes of defeating the Straw Hat Crew, potentially killing Luffy as well. Their main target, however, is Dr. Vegapunk, who was revealed to be studying the Void Century, thanks to one of his very own satellites, York. The Navy has finally arrived on the island and they have 100 ships with them, among which are 20 battleships carrying 9 Vice Admirals as well as Admiral Kizaru. Furthermore, they also have one of the Five Elders with them in Saturn and that only means the events surrounding this siege are going to be incredibly exciting for the fans to witness.

As soon as siege was laid to the island, fans saw York try to connect with the Five Elders and tell them that she is going to prepare more Mother Flame for them in exchange for safety as well as Celestial Dragon status. Her biggest demand, however, was to be protected from the Straw Hat Pirates, who are currently on Egghead Island and have taken over the entire place. With that, fans finally got to see the Straw Hat Pirates return to the manga and now, they are caught up with everything that’s been going on and they know the situation that they are faced with. The crew is ready to take on the Navy and are willing to use any means to get Vegapunk to safety, which was their goal, to begin with.

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The Straw Hats Vs Marines

straw hats back in action one piece 1090

With a siege to Egghead having been laid already, it is only a matter of time before the fans get to see an all-out war between these two major power factions. The Straw Hat Pirates do not intend to stay inside Egghead Island.

In fact, they are preparing to leave at this very moment and as soon as that happens, the Navy will start moving as well. A clash between these two powers is inevitable at this moment, which means it is only a matter of time before Luffy is seen going all out again. With the goal of departing from Egghead, the Straw Hats could very well take a secret escape route, given that Vegapunk might know some secret ways out of the island as he has lived there for the longest time.

In that case, the crew can escape without much trouble. However, if that isn’t the case, the crew will have to descend from the labophase to the fabriophase and then face the Navy with York as a hostage. While this is supposed to be the plan, at the very least, plans rarely work in One Piece and Oda often likes to do his own thing as he gets into the meat of the stuff.

Fans should expect a war blowing up between these two factions very soon and, given that Oda has already hyped this incident up to be one of the biggest in the history of the One Piece world, there is surely going to be a very massive war. For Luffy, this is going to be the very first test as an Emperor of the Sea, and facing an Admiral is quite a way to kick it off. There is also Saturn on the island, and fans would absolutely love to see him clash against Luffy as well. The threat of Kizaru could be dealt with by Zoro and Sanji together, which would make quite a good team against this navy powerhouse.

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The Result Of The Egghead Incident

Kizaru one piece 1090

The Egghead Incident is officially underway now and this incident is one that has been revealed to be groundbreaking. It is going to shake the entire world of One Piece which means the result of this incident must be something catastrophic either for the Straw Hat Pirates or the World Government. Given that this is Luffy’s very first test as an Emperor and, at the same time, all other Emperors have won their respective clashes, it would be wise to bet on Luffy to emerge victorious here. If that were to be the case, it would mean that the Navy as well as Saturn would be on the losing side and be defeated by Luffy.

One of the Five Elders being defeated and potentially even captured would surely be sensational news for the entire world to read and would be a spark for an even bigger war to follow. Furthermore, an Admiral of the Navy would also be taken down at the same time and this might potentially force Akainu to step up and leave his office, jumping into action himself. The result of the war of Egghead Island is one that fans absolutely cannot wait to see unfold, however, the process of getting there is going to be just as exciting.

The Straw Hats have not fought against the Navy in quite a while and it is going to be very exciting for the fans to witness a fight between these two powerhouses. At the same time, the rest of the crew is going to get their moments as well and that is always welcomed by every fan of One Piece. There is a lot to look forward to when it comes to the Egghead Incident and fans can only hope that Oda delivers upon their expectations, which, more often than not, he always does.

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