One Piece: Vegapunk’s Punk Records, Explained

A massive storehouse of knowledge hosting an expanding fragment of Vegapunk’s brain, Punk Records could be vital to decoding the secrets of the world.


  • Dr. Vegapunk’s Punk Records on Egghead Island could usher in a digital revolution in the world of One Piece, with endless potential applications.
  • The origin of Punk Records lies in Vegapunk’s Nomi Nomi no Mi Devil Fruit, which allows his brain to expand indefinitely and store vast amounts of knowledge.
  • Punk Records contains Vegapunk’s research and discoveries, including information on Lineage Factor, Artificial Devil Fruits, and potentially the Void Century, making it a key target for the World Government and a valuable source of knowledge for decoding the past.



Among the myriad world altering inventions that Dr. Vegapunk’s work on Egghead Island has produced over the years, there is perhaps none more revolutionary than Punk Records, an area in its Labophase zone. Presently, its current form is that of a storage area for his enlarged brain — a consequence of the Nomi Nomi no Mi. However, the potential applications of the technology he has developed to support it are endless, as it is capable of ushering in a digital revolution for the world of One Piece.

Vegapunk’s own ideas for this “library” of shared information are also in line with his constant desire to push the boundaries of the scientific discipline for the good of all. Whether these ambitions will be brought to fruition is an entirely different matter. Considering the current state of affairs at his research base during the latest Egghead Island Arc of One Piece’s Final Saga, it is anybody’s guess whether this treasure trove of valuable knowledge will be allowed to endure in the face of the World Government’s wrath. For now, it is worth delving into what this massive data storehouse actually is and how it operates.

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The Burden Of The Nomi Nomi no Mi

Vegapunk and Dragon at Ohara

The origin of Punk Records arose from Vegapunk’s Paramecia type Devil Fruit, the Nomi Nomi no Mi, which permits his brain to expand indefinitely with no loss of information whenever he absorbs knowledge, making him a “Brains Human.” Initially, this expansion was quite manageable as his genius intellect was able to process the data that had been accruing in his brain, making him the smartest person alive.

However, Vegapunk’s expanding brain gradually grew to become a burden, as its size eventually dwarfed that of the rest of his body, to the point where his stature was comparable to that of the giants purely due to his massive head. His solution to this conundrum involved cutting off a large part of his brain and replacing it with an antenna that would transmit and receive information through brain waves to the expanding section which would become Punk Records.

In this manner, the amount of knowledge his mind could hold became near indefinite, as he was no longer constrained by the limits of human physiology. There has been no confirmation on whether the ability to detach such large amounts of brain matter safely is a property of the Nomi Nomi no Mi, or the product of Vegapunk’s own scientific research.

A Storehouse Of Information

blackbeard on egghead island one piece chapter 1088

In addition to this, Vegapunk also created six satellites who share the same brain as his main body, where they all sync up daily with Punk Records to maintain a shared bank of information, and this system hinges on the existence of Punk Records to run smoothly. Externally, the structure of Punk Records looks like a downwards facing egg with a shell that is half shattered. There is a ring of blocks floating across this shell in an irregular pattern. Within this envelope, there is a flat black surface adorned with a light grid pattern. The facility’s name, “Punk Records,” is emblazoned across this grid in uppercase bold lettering.

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The immense amount of knowledge contained within Punk Records features all of Vegapunk’s research and discoveries over the years. This includes the groundbreaking work he did on the Lineage Factor and Artificial Devil Fruits, to the development of the Pacifista and the Seraphim. Moreover, it may also contain the research he was conducting into the Void Century, which is the main reason behind the World Government’s ongoing attempt to assassinate him and destroy all evidence of his work.

On this topic, Punk Records may also be the last remaining account of the knowledge that was contained in the Library of Ohara, prior to its destruction in the Buster Call on the island. After this calamity, Vegapunk had journeyed to the island of Ohara to pay his respects to the scholars, only to find a lake where the scholars had dumped an innumerable number of books from their library in the Tree of Knowledge.

There, he encountered Monkey D. Dragon, and a number of giants who were pulling the books out of the water, and he was visibly moved on realizing that this was the last stand of the scholars of Ohara. Fearing the wrath of his superiors, he elected not to take the books with him. Later on, he made another trip to Elbaf where he read all the books that had been salvaged and met tJaguar D. Saul in the process.

Providing Knowledge To All

Vegapunk meets Saul

If this sequence of events is true, Punk Records may hold a permanent account of the knowledge that had been collected by the scholars of Ohara, making it a key component of decoding the events of the Void Century. Now, the task of ensuring the survival of Punk Records takes on even more importance, due to the threat it presents to the World Government.

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Vegapunk had envisioned a future incarnation of Punk Records as a nexus point for people from all over the world to access and share information, somewhat like the World Wide Web. This would allow for the information within its bounds to be shared and continually updated by people from all over the world. Additionally, such a system would bypass the constraints on the technologies that Egghead Island could host.

Even though this would be a groundbreaking new development for the world of One Piece, Jinbe voiced his own concerns about the dissemination of information in this manner, noting that not everyone would participate in this system with the interest of the world at heart, echoing the problems of the internet seen in the real world.

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