One Piece: What To Expect From Elbaf

The Straw Hat Pirates’ next location is Elbaf, the island of giants.


  • The upcoming Elbaf arc in One Piece is highly anticipated as it will explore the importance of the Giants, a race introduced in the earlier Little Garden arc. The Giants have played significant roles throughout the story, such as Oimo and Kashi in Enies Lobby, and their power has been emphasized in later arcs.
  • Elbaf is not only significant because of its Giant inhabitants, but also because it holds key information about the history of the One Piece world and potentially the Void Century. The character Jaguar D. Saul, who played a major role in Nico Robin’s past, survived the tragedy of Ohara and took important books back to Elbaf. This makes Elbaf an important location for uncovering major truths in the story.
  • The Elbaf arc may also reveal the identity of the Man with the Burn Scar, who is sought after by Luffy for information about the final Road Poneglyph. This final piece of the puzzle is necessary for Luffy to reach Laugh Tale and find the One Piece. The Elbaf arc could potentially bring together key characters like Shanks and mark a significant milestone in Luffy’s journey to becoming the Pirate King.



One Piece is officially in its Final Saga now and it’s kickstarted with Egghead Island. Most fans expect this arc to be very short but the way it has gone so far, this intuition of the fans seems to have been wrong. Egghead Island has been incredibly exciting, however, it’s now in its climax as the war with the Navy is about to kick start.

While a lot of interesting things happened on Egghead, the Straw Hat Pirates are already looking to depart from the island, making Elbaf closer than ever before. It is a known fact that the Straw Hat Pirates will eventually visit Elbaf. Fans were confused as to when Elbaf will take place, however, with the way the recent events of the egghead Island arc have shaped up, it is all but confirmed that Elbaf is the next location that the crew is going to visit. With that said, fans have a lot to look forward to here.

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The Giant Race

Dorry and Broggy from One Piece

One of the most important reasons as to why visiting Elbaf is going to be important is the race that inhabits the island, the Giants. The Giants were introduced in One Piece during the Little Garden arc, where the fans got to see the first of their race, Dorry and Brogy. On this island, they learned about the Giants and the warriors of Elbaf. One of the members of the Straw Hat Pirates, Usopp, derived his inspiration from Dorry and Brogy as well. Visiting Elbaf became an incredibly important goal for the Straw Hat Pirates, even though it wouldn’t come for years upon years. In fact, Elbaf might just be the longest teased arc in One Piece ever, having been mentioned at the very beginning of the journey in the Grand Line.

By the time Little Garden was over, it was already established that Elbaf would become very important in the future of the story. At the same time, the Giant race itself became more important going forward. For instance, fans saw Oimo and Kashi in Enies Lobby. It was revealed that these two Giants were tricked by the World Government into guarding their island for them. The Straw Hat Pirates became their allies during this arc and took help from them in an attempt to escape from the island. Currently, Oimo and Kashi are free and will most likely become relevant during the Elbaf arc as well.

sogeking usopp

After the timeskip, the importance of the Giants was made more evident when it was revealed that the World Government had been trying to work on gigantification for centuries because they possessed tremendous power. In Punk Hazard, fans saw several gigantic children who had been experimented upon by Caesar. Immediately, it indicated that the power of the Giants cannot be underestimated. Later on, in the Whole Cake Island arc, it was revealed that Big Mom also craved the power of the Giants and she openly referred to them as the strongest and the mightiest race of people in the world of One Piece.

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In fact, she planned to marry her daughter to Prince Loki of the Elbaf Giants, however, her plan eventually failed when Lola ran away. In the same arc, fans also ended up seeing a flashback of Elbaf and there, it was revealed that Mother Carmel was trying to traffick Giants into the Navy. John Giant, who fans saw during the Marineford arc, actually came into the service of the Navy through her, as did the entire Giant Unit that exists in the organization. The Giants also seem to have a lot of history with Big Mom herself and this is yet another reason why this arc should be explored sooner rather than later in the One Piece world.

Saul And The Knowledge Of Ohara

Saul and Robin

When it comes to the Giants, not everyone holds the same importance in One Piece. Jaguar D. Saul, who was once a member of the Navy, might just be the most important. Fans remember him from Nico Robin’s flashback from the Enies Lobby arc. Saul was an incredibly important figure for Robin while growing up and was actually one of the biggest reasons why she is alive today. Good guys are very rare in the Navy and Saul certainly was one of them. Despite being one of the members of the Navy, he didn’t hesitate in trying to save the people of Ohara from destruction when he realized how evil the Navy actually were. While a lot of the fans believed that he died, many held out hope that Aokiji had not actually killed him, and in Egghead Island, this proved to be true.

It was revealed that Saul had actually survived the tragedy of Ohara, although he was completely burned up. He summoned the Giants of Elbaf and took every single book that they had back to the island with him, which further adds to the importance of Elbaf. All this also makes Elbaf an ark that would ultimately reveal the biggest of the truths about the history of the One Piece world and potentially even target the Void Century. Sooner rather than later, the Straw Hat Pirates are going to head to Elbaf, and there, fans will find out a lot about the history of the world, along with the truth about Ohara.

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The Last Road Poneglyph

Road Poneglyph from One Piece

Since One Piece is in its Final Saga now, Luffy is closer than ever to becoming the Pirate King. At the moment, he is the closest man to the treasure, and he has three of the four Road Poneglyphs under his belt. Luffy just needs the last one to get to Laugh Tale and find the One Piece, however, this Road Poneglyph has eluded him so far. Towards the end of the Wano Country arc, it was revealed that he was seeking the Man with the Burn Scar but, at the time, fans didn’t know who this person could be.

There were quite a few clues about the identity of this person, however. With Vegapunk having revealed that Saul is covered from head to toe and burn marks, this person could very well be the one with the information about the fourth Road Poneglyph. As such, the truth of the final Road Poneglyph could also be revealed in the Elbaf arc, meaning that this arc could be the final piece in the puzzle for Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates in getting to the final island.

At the same time, this also opens up the path for characters such as Shanks to appear in the above arc, given it is where Luffy would officially acquire everything that he would need to get to the One Piece. For all these reasons, Elbaf is certainly going to be one of the biggest arcs in One Piece and one that fans should be looking forward to the most at the moment.

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