One Piece: York’s Plan, Explained

The traitor York had a plan set in order to become a Celestial Dragon.


  • The traitor on Egghead Island is revealed to be York, one of Vegapunk’s satellites, driven by greed and the desire to become a Celestial Dragon.
  • York played a crucial role in framing Vegapunk for studying forbidden history, leading to the Five Elders sending CP0 to eliminate Vegapunk and his researchers.
  • York’s fate hangs in the balance as she becomes a pawn in the battle between the Straw Hat Pirates and the Navy, with the World Government hoping to obtain more Mother Flame from her.



One Piece is currently in its Egghead Island arc and fans are certainly enjoying it to the fullest, thanks to the many incredible plotlines that Oda has written surrounding the many characters in this arc. While the Straw Hat Pirates are central to this arc, as they are with most others, there are some others that fans have been recently introduced to, such as the satellites of Vegapunk.

These satellites have played a major role in the Egghead Island arc and they continue to do so with each passing chapter. Among the satellites, York seems to have played an exceptionally important role, given that she is the traitor on Egghead Island and the person responsible for the current predicament that both Vegapunk as well as Straw Hats are facing at the moment.

How York Betrayed Vegapunk

York one piece CHAPTER 1078

When the Egghead Island arc began, it didn’t take long for the fans to figure out that Oda had actually planted a traitor among the ranks of Vegapunk. Fans spent quite a few weeks guessing as to who the traitor could be. Obviously, most fans turned their attention to the satellites of Dr. Vegapunk, with some even blaming the Stella itself for being the traitor. In order to improve his efficiency to the maximum, Vegapunk decided to create six satellites of himself, each exhibiting a part of his personality. His satellites are Shaka, Lilith, Edison, Pythagoras, Atlas, and York. Each of the satellites showcase one particular facet of Vegapunk’s personality.

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For instance, Shaka is based on logic, while Lilith is the evil part of Vegapunk. Similarly, Edison is the Thinker, while Pythagoras is the wisdom. Atlas is wrath, while York is greed. At the end of the day, it was revealed that York was the traitor all along and her greed led her to crave more than what she had. Her goal is to become a Celestial Dragon and leave this life that she is currently living. To that end, York ended up betraying Vegapunk and all that he had worked towards over the years.

The Situation On Egghead Island

navy siege of egghead island one piece 1090

Around 3 months prior to the current event of the story, York made contact with the Five Elders and told them that Vegapunk was studying ancient history, which is forbidden and is punishable by death. Soon, the Five Elders mobilized the Cipher Pol and sent them to investigate the situation. Much to their surprise, they never made it back from Egghead Island. Little did they know that this was all a part of York’s plan. York apprehended them on purpose so the Five Elders would suspect Vegapunk even more. When none of the Cipher Pol agents returned, the Five Elders held a discussion and decided for good that Vegapunk had indeed betrayed them.

Months after this truth was revealed to them, they ended up sending CP0 to Egghead Island. The goal for CP0 was to eliminate every single Vegapunk and also the researchers working on the island. However, the Government also knew that Vegapunk is not stupid. They realized that he had four Seraphims under his control as well as 50 Mark 3 Pacifistas. As such, the Government had decided to send one of the Five Elders, along with Admiral Kizaru, to take care of Vegapunk. Little did they know that Luffy and the crew would end up on the island and aid Vegapunk. That brings fans to the current situation, where Luffy, his crew, and Vegapunk are currently on Egghead Island, surrounded by a Navy fleet of 100 ships, led by Kizaru, as well as one of the Five Elders, Jaygarcia Saturn.

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York’s Fate

straw hats back in action one piece 1090

In One Piece chapter 1089, fans could see York speak to the Five Elders and clarify her position. Clearly, York does not want to be killed along with all the other Vegapunk satellites since she was the one who gave information to the Government. York was also the one who sent Mother Flame to the Five Elders and, after making use of it to wipe out Lulusia, The Government seem to have had a change of heart. They are willing to let York live and even make her a Celestial Dragon as long as she can produce more Mother Flame for them.

The problem that she faces currently, however, is that the Straw Hat Pirates have taken full control of the island and she is being used as a human shield. From here onwards, York is going to be in quite some danger, however, the Marines will not waste any time in attempting to rescue her, given how important she is to the World Government now.

As such, fans should expect the Navy to move swiftly and get the situation under control. Fans could see Kizaru and the Vice Admirals make a move soon and try to infiltrate the island. Once that happens, the battle between these two forces will begin and whoever wins dictates what happens to York. If the Straw Hat Pirates manage to win, then York is likely going to be kept away from the grasp of the World Government. However, if Luffy and the group end up losing, then York would become a Celestial Dragon and, at the same time, create more dangerous Mother Flame for Imu, helping them destroy the entire world.

What Next For York?

York one piece

York finds herself in a very precarious position right now and fans know that she is still evil through and through. Given that she wants to become a Celestial Dragon, fans should expect to see more evil acts from her. For instance, York might try to cause problems for the Straw Hat Crew when they try to escape from Egghead Island. Her goal is to get to safety and she will do anything she can to cause hindrances for the group and end up with the Navy. Fans should also remember that the main goal of the Straw Hat Pirates is to save Stella. That means it is possible for both of them to get what they want. For instance, Vegapunk could end up getting away with the Straw Hat Crew, however, it isn’t necessary for York to follow along. York would be, simply put, redundant if the real Vegapunk is with the crew.

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This means that the satellites will either be destroyed, including York, or it is possible that York manages to get away. Given that the World Government desperately wants more Mother Flame and that One Piece is in its final saga, it wouldn’t be a stretch to say that the World Government might get their hands on York after all. As fans know already, a massive war is soon going to erupt and Ancient Weapons are going to be used in battle.

If the World Government are to fight against the might of Pluton as well as Poseidon, they need a powerful weapon of their own. Thus, the role of York might be very important here. Fans shouldn’t be too surprised if the Straw Hats manage to save Vegapunk but York ends up falling into the hands of the Navy. Of course, at the end of the day, only Oda can answer this question and fans can only patiently wait to see the situation unfold.

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