One Piece:16 Strongest Snipers, Ranked

Swordfighting isn’t the only means of combat in One Piece. These characters show that being skilled with a gun can come in handy.


  • Snipers are an underrated but skillful fighting class in the world of One Piece, providing great variety in combat.
  • Characters like Mr. 5, Charlotte Flampe, and Hibari showcase impressive sniping skills, using unique abilities and weapons.
  • Yasopp, a member of the Red-Hair Pirates, is considered one of the best snipers in the story, known for his exceptional skill and precision.



The One Piece world has some of the most diverse fighters in fiction, and just as some specialize in using swords, others do that with ranged weaponry. These characters, generally called snipers or sharpshooters, have an extremely unique fighting style as they prefer to keep their distance from their targets and use their eyesight and accuracy to get the job done.

Although not necessary to have as part of a crew, Snipers provide great variety in combat and are some of the most skillful fighters in the One Piece story. These characters are some of the best in the anime to utilize this type of fighting style.

Updated on September 20, 2023, by Rei Penber: The world of One Piece features quite a lot of incredible fighters with unique fighting styles. Among the Straw Hat Pirates themselves, the crew has an array of combatants who use various ways to fight. While some are brawlers, others fight with swords and some others are snipers. In the world of One Piece, snipers are quite an underrated fighting class. Oda has introduced quite a lot of these strong snipers over the years and this list already mentions the very best of them. However, some others have gone under the radar over the years. To remedy that, this list has now been updated with more powerful One Piece snipers.

16 Mr. 5


Mr. 5 was introduced in One Piece in the Whiskey Peak arc and fans got to see his incredible bomb-based abilities very well early on in the series. Although he can make any part of his body explode, Mr. 5 specifically relied on boogers and he sniped his targets by hurling them towards the opponents.

Upon contact, the target would explode and be injured tremendously, while some others would even die from it. The ability itself was quite powerful, however, Mr. 5 could certainly have used his Devil Fruit in better ways. As a sniper, his skill was certainly decent and he could hold his own against the vast majority of fighters in the early half of the Grand Line.

15 Charlotte Flampe

charlotte flampe one piece

Flampe was introduced to the fans during the Whole Cake Island arc. She was seen joining the battle between Luffy and Katakuri by attempting to aid her brother. Her specialty is the silent needle, using which she can sedate her opponents and cause problems for them.

She was successfully able to hit Luffy with one of her attacks and that is quite impressive, given how fast Luffy is. What’s more, pulling this off while two incredibly powerful fighters were engaging in combat and moving around very fast made her feat doubly impressive. She is quite young so she has a lot of potential to grow as a sniper.

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14 Hibari


Hibari is a character who was recently introduced in One Piece. She is a marine lieutenant who has joined SWORD, the secret marine group that is free to do what they like. Hibari uses a rifle in combat and her skill with it is quite impressive.

On the Pirate Island, she worked her magic and certainly contributed to saving Captain Koby. That said, she still has a lot of room to grow. Her potential is very high and she needs to put in more work to reach great heights as a sniper. Nonetheless, what little fans have seen from her so far is surely impressive.

13 Braham


Braham is a Shandian who lives on Skypiea. Currently, he serves the role of one of God’s Guard, after the fall of Enel. As a fighter, Brahm is quite proficient and he wields a pair of guns with flash dials that blind the enemy every time he shoots. During this Skypiea arc, he took Zoro on in combat and gave him quite a difficult time.

In fact, Braham even managed to injure Zoro and forced him to try out a flying slash. After the time skip, his skill is likely to have improved even further. It wouldn’t be a surprise if Braham is also a user of Haki now. While his overall strength isn’t all that high, his skill with a gun is certainly immense.

12 Rock And Scotch

Yeti Cool Brothers vs Zoro

Rock and Scotch were two giants introduced to the fans in the Punk Hazard arc. Collectively known as the Yeti Cool Brothers, these two fighters were incredibly dangerous for the Straw Hat Pirates to deal with. Although their strength wasn’t anything impressive, the way they conducted their missions was certainly commendable.

They were able to take out the likes of Zoro, Brook, and Sanji, who was in Nami’s body at the time. Their sniping skills were certainly impressive, especially given the fact that they could take down two powerful Haki users without them so much as sniffing the danger around them.

11 Curiel


Curiel is the former 10th Division Commander of the Whitebeard Pirates. He made his proper appearance during the war of Marineford where he fought the Navy and the Shichibukai. Curiel is an excellent user of guns and bazookas, as seen in the war. At one point, he also clashed with Gecko Moria, one of the Shichibukai, and fared well against him in combat.

After their skirmish was over, Curiel emerged from the battle unharmed. It is unknown whether he is a user of Haki or not, however, it is expected from a Whitebeard Pirates Division Commander to wield this ability. As a sniper, he certainly was one of the very best in the Whitebeard Pirates.

10 Wyper

Wyper with his burn bazooka

Also known as the Berserker, Wyper is a Shandian and also the strongest of their race in the One Piece world right now. He debuted during the Skypiea arc and showed off his tremendous sniping skills with his Burn Bazooka. Wyper fought Luffy and fared incredibly well against him in combat.

After the two-year timeskip, he’s likely to have gotten even stronger, as suggested by his bigger build. He’s also one of God’s Guards in Skypiea currently. Over the years, his ability has likely improved drastically. More likely than not, Wyper is a user of Haki right now. While fans haven’t seen him in quite a while, in the future, he is likely to make an appearance and show off his skills as a sniper once again.

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9 Gladius

Gladius One Piece

A member of the Donquixote Pirates, Gladius served the Pica Army and was one of the most fearsome pirates in the crew. With the power of the Pamu Pamu no Mi devil fruit, Gladius could make his own body, along with any inanimate object that he touched, explode.

With his specialized firing mechanism, Gladius could use his Devil Fruit powers to shoot Pamu Pamu bullets at people. His skill in sharpshooting is known to be excellent, as he’s the best sniper of the Donquixote Pirates. He was also the one who taught the usage of firearms to Trafalgar Law, once again suggesting that he was the absolute best at it among the crew.

8 Marguerite

Marguerite from One Piece

Marguerite is one of the very best snipers that fans have seen in One Piece. Introduced to the fans during the Amazon Lily Arc, she was seen being an adept user of the bow and arrow. Marguerite can sniper targets from great distances and, what’s more, she is an exceptionally good user of Haki as well.

She can store Haki in her arrows and use them to cause great destruction when fired. Before the timeskip she was not a part of the Kuja Pirates, however, she has now joined their ranks, which means she has significantly grown in strength over time. When the Marines invaded Amazon Lily, she fought back against them and did extremely well, which is nothing short of impressive. Her skills as a sniper will grow even further with time.

7 Rindo

Rindo One Piece

Rindo is a member of the Kuja Pirates who first appeared during the Amazon Lily arc and has, since then, made a few appearances. Although the story hasn’t focused on her as much, Rindo is quite an excellent fighter, and like all the other women of the Kuja Pirates, she’s a born warrior.

Rindo specializes in the usage of firearms, and her weapon of choice is a large bazooka. Being a member of the Kuja, Rindo is an excellent user of Haki and can use both Observation and Armament Haki. With these powers, her sniping skills get elevated to the next level.

6 Capone Bege

Capone Bege with his family

One of the members of the Worst Generation, Capone “Gang” Bege is a skilled pirate from the West Blue who has, over the years, proven himself to be extremely powerful. Bege currently has a bounty of 350 million berries, which goes to show how dangerous he is.

Bege specializes in the usage of firearms, whether they be the pistols that he carries on him or the abilities that are granted to him by his Shiro Shiro no Mi. Bege is an excellent sniper, as he could hit Oven right in the face from quite some distance. Although he hasn’t demonstrated what he’s truly capable of yet, he’s surely among the strongest snipers in the story.

5 Usopp

One Piece Usopp

The sniper of the Straw Hat Pirates, Usopp is quite a powerful character who joined Luffy on his journey in the Syrup Village arc. Ever since his introduction, Usopp has been quite good at using slingshots. Over the course of time, he has improved his weaponry and, at the same time, has gotten better at sniping as well. During the Enies Lobby arc, Usopp sniped Spandam near the Gates of Justice from miles away and saved Nico Robin.

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After the timeskip, Usopp’s skill has only improved. In the Dressrosa arc, he was able to snipe Sugar without even being able to see where exactly she was. He did this using his prowess as a sniper, combined with his newly awakened Observation Haki.

4 Charlotte Perospero

Perospero shooting a candy arrow

Charlotte Perospero is the eldest son of Big Mom and certainly a powerful pirate. He has a bounty of 700 million berries on his head, which just goes to show that he is not to be underestimated. His main weapon IN combat is certainly his Devil Fruit, the Pero Pero no Mi, which has made him a candyman.

He can produce as well as freely manipulate candy as he likes. With his candy, he can even create a bow and arrow, and he has been seen using it to great effect. In Wano, he caused quite a lot of problems for the fighters on the Live Floor. His skill is certainly nothing to laugh at and, along with being a great sniper, he’s also versatile and excels at other forms of combat.

3 Izo

Izo One Piece

One of the former members of the Whitebeard Pirates, Izo is an extremely powerful pirate who has a bounty of 510 million berries on his head. Izo is from the Land of Wano, meaning he is a samurai and excels at using a sword; however, he is much better at using pistols, which is why they are his weapon of choice.

Izo is fantastic at sniping, as seen when he easily disarmed King the Wildfire during the attack on Kaido. In the fight against Kaido, Izo was able to shoot his enemy with slicing rounds which were coated in advanced Armament Haki, capable of piercing his tough skin.

2 Van Augur

Van Augur One Piece

Also known as “The Supersonic,” Van Augur is an extremely powerful pirate and the leader of the Third Ship of the Blackbeard Pirates. He’s one of the core members of the crew who have been with Blackbeard for quite a while. Van Augur excels at sniping, as he’s seen primarily wielding a sniper rifle in combat.

He’s known to be exceptionally good at using this weapon and can snipe targets that a normal human can’t even see. Augur also possesses tremendous vision, and is able to serve as the lookout of the Blackbeard Pirates because of this. All that, combined with his incredible accuracy, makes him possibly one of the best snipers in the world of One Piece.

1 Yasopp

Yasopp of the Red Hair Pirates

One of the three strongest executives of the Red-Hair Pirates, Yasopp is an exceptionally skilled sniper and possibly the best one in the story so far. Ever since he was young, he was known to have tremendous sniping skills. This led to Shanks approaching him directly and asking him to join his crew.

According to Luffy, Yasopp is a tremendous sniper who possesses great skill. Being one of the three strongest commanders of Shanks, it goes without saying he’s likely highly skilled at the usage of both Armament and Observation Haki. Yasopp’s skill with a gun is such that he can snipe the antennae of an ant from 100 feet away, without doing any harm to the ant itself.

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