One Punch Man: 10 Most Evil Characters, Ranked

In a world that needs a Heroes Association, there will inevitably be evil-doers. Thankfully, One Punch Man is around to set them straight.


  • Do-S is a sadistic monster who enjoys controlling others with her whip, making them fight each other.
  • Nyan, a former house cat turned monster, relishes in taunting and torturing his opponents.
  • Carnage Kabuto believes he is the next step in human evolution and lacks humanity, causing chaos.

The world of One Punch Man is inhabited by many honorable and powerful heroes who together make up the mighty Hero Association. However, there wouldn’t be a need to have such a huge number of heroes if this world wasn’t also filled to the brim with terrifying villains.

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From the fearsome mysterious beings of the Monster Association to deadly Ninja assassins and other unknown entities that work on their own, the heroes of the One Punch Man franchise often have to fight against certain characters that are truly evil, and represent the worst of their society. These are the most despicable ones in the series so far.


A Sadistic Monster With A Human Appearance

Do-S teasing Fubuki.

At first glance, it’s obvious that Do-S is supposed to be a sadistic dominatrix who likes to toy with her opponents and even gets enjoyment from the suffering of others. Surprisingly, she’s not a human anymore, since Do-S is actually a mysterious being, which is more notable when she takes off her mask, revealing a set of sharp teeth underneath.

As if she wasn’t already cruel enough, Do-S’s abilities encapsulate how evil she is. She has the power to mind control others with her whip. This led to her making people fight their own teammates and friends, like she did in her clash against Fubuki and the Blizzard Group.


A Deadly Cat Devoid Of Love

Nyan displays his murderous aura.

The monsters and mysterious beings of One Punch Man often have odd origin stories, and the creature known as Nyan is no exception. He used to be a regular house cat whose owner forced unwanted love on him. He ended up escaping his home and eventually evolved into the monster he is today.

Nyan’s complete hatred for love and affection can be seen in his personality, as he acts like an arrogant bully who enjoys taunting and torturing his opponents before killing them violently. Not to mention that he’s an absolute coward who will escape the moment he realizes he’ll have to face someone stronger than him.

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Carnage Kabuto

The Self-Proclaimed “Next Step” In Human Evolution

Carnage Kabuto tries to attack Saitama.

Remembered for being one of the strongest antagonists in the earlier arcs of One Punch Man, Carnage Kabuto is a truly unhinged monster who believes that he is the “new human” that his creator, Dr. Genus, was looking for. Because of this, he saw himself as superior to others and violently killed many of the doctor’s clones.

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There was one big flaw in Dr Genus’ design: Carnage Kabuto lacked any humanity and had an overwhelming sense of superiority. If he had managed to escape from the House of Evolution, he would’ve carried out a bloody massacre. Luckily for everyone, Saitama managed to kill him before anything that dangerous could happen.

Royal Ripper

An Urban Legend Brought To Life

Royal Ripper violently slashing at Garou.

Royal Ripper is a deadly monster who only has one thing on his mind: Torturing, killing, and cutting apart anyone he wants, no matter if they’re an ally or an enemy. What makes him even more evil is the fact that he has a special preference for children, to the point that even other monsters dislike him for it.

This led to Royal Ripper becoming part of an urban legend in the world of One Punch Man, a dark entity that is infamous for kidnapping children. On top of that, he has no real morals, as he only wants to kill for pleasure and doesn’t even care about the Monster Association. It’s a good thing Garou ended up killing him.

Homeless Emperor

A Man Who Abandoned His Humanity

Homeless Emperor summons his balls of light.

Homeless Emperor is a weird case of a mysterious being who is still clearly a human, but who has some really incredible powers that make him special. These powers were granted to him by none other than God, after he gained a brand-new perspective on the world around him.

After a lot of suffering, Homeless Emperor lets go of his bitterness towards those who wronged him and realized how wretched humanity can be. Instead of trying to improve society in a positive manner though, he began using his power to kill those who he saw as beneath him. He abandoned his fellow humans in order to join the side of the monsters, who he also saw as inferior to him.

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Empty Void

A Traitor Who Turned Into A Monster

Empty Void in his monster form.

The entity known as Empty Void was recently introduced to One Punch Man, but he has already shown how evil he is. He was the original founder of the Ninja Village, and he aided Blast in the search for the mysterious cubes. However, he turned against his own team when God turned him into a powerful, mysterious being.

As a skilled ninja who has lived for more than 300 years, Empty Void has killed countless people, and is responsible for the ruthless regime the children of his village have to go through. He’s also been described as a heartless and violent assassin who takes the body parts of strong people to keep himself young, and he doesn’t even care for the Ninjas who work for him.


The True Mastermind Behind The Monster Association

Psykos reveals herself.

When she was a young psychic, Psykos already showcased evil intentions when she proposed an idea to wipe out all of humanity in favor of a Supernatural Society to her then friend, Fubuki. After that, she never lost her ambition, and she even ended up creating the Monster Association.

Many people believe that Orochi is the leader of the Association, but the truth is that he was actually created by Psykos, who is so cunning and manipulative that she managed to fool everybody while she pulled the strings behind the scenes. She also showed off her wickedness when she didn’t hesitate to accept God’s powers in order to combine with Orochi and turn into a powerful creature that could’ve destroyed the entire world.

Deep Sea King

An Unstoppable Monster From The Sea

Deep Sea King punches the hero Stinger.

As the ruler of the race of underwater beings known as the Seafolk, Deep Sea King was a ruthless monster who wanted to erase all of humanity and take over the Earth for himself and his people. He saw most humans as nothing more than food, and had a huge sense of pride that led him to believe he was at the top of the Earth’s food chain.

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On top of that, Deep Sea King was an extremely powerful creature with many unexpected abilities. He enjoyed inflicting pain on others and laughed maniacally at every human who tried to stop him, which was an extremely difficult task, seeing how resilient he was. If Saitama had never stopped him, Deep Sea King’s destructive rampage would’ve been much worse.

Fuhrer Ugly

Ugly Appearance, Ugly Personality

Fuhrer Ugly tries to attack Bang.

There’s no character in One Punch Man as despicable and disgusting as the mysterious being named Fuhrer Ugly. As an unattractive person, his life was filled with jealousy and self-hatred, which eventually turned him into a terrifying monster who joined the Monster Association as one of their strongest members.

Fuhrer Ugly not only has a grotesque appearance, but he’s also a truly sadistic being that enjoys inflicting pain upon others as slowly as possible. He’s constantly seen tearing apart body parts and smashing bones with glee, as if it’s nothing more than a game to him. In turn, his death at the hands of Garou was one of the most satisfying moments in the entire series.


A Mysterious Entity Who Wants To Wipe Out Humanity

Homeless Emperor sees God.

God is one of the overarching antagonists of One Punch Man. While many characters in this series have huge superiority complexes, all of them pale in comparison to this enigmatic entity who sees humans as a worthless plague that has to be wiped from the Earth, and nothing will stop it from accomplishing this evil objective.

God doesn’t even care if it destroys all the life on the planet; it will still try to kill as many people as possible. That’s why it has assisted characters such as Psykos or Homeless Emperor by empowering them in order to carry out its plans. God will use people as tools and discard them the moment they are of no more use to it, as if they were tools. This is a truly despicable being who strikes fear in the hearts of everyone who is aware of its existence.

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