One Punch Man: 6 Characters That Need New Power Ups

These One Punch Man characters need new powers to compete against the best.

One Punch Man has a plethora of strong characters, and they are always in the spotlight. These characters are endowed with special abilities that make them stand out from the rest. As the plot progressed, the characters introduced at the beginning became obsolete.



The older ones have trouble fighting the new foes, as their power is not nearly enough. Naturally, the responsibility to give them an upgrade falls on the shoulders of the author. Currently, there are many characters in the story who are lagging behind the rest. With that in mind, here are the One Punch Man characters deserving of new power ups.

6 Genos


Genos is one of the main characters in the series. He is a firm believer in justice, which is why he always tries to do the right thing. Genos used to be a normal human, but he underwent a procedure to become a cyborg, which made him physically stronger than most characters.

After becoming Saitama’s disciple, Genos was exposed to threats that were capable of exterminating an entire city. Genos tried fighting many of these monsters, but he never got the better of them. He did ask Dr. Kusano to upgrade his body, which only helped him to a certain extent. In the Monster Association arc, Genos had a hard time fighting the enemies. It is obvious that all his future opponents will be even stronger, so he desperately needs a new upgrade.

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5 Sonic

Speed-o'-Sound Sonic in One Punch Man

Sonic was introduced in the first season of the anime, and since then he has barely done anything noteworthy. His contribution has been rather limited, and given his abilities, fans know that he can achieve so much more. Sonic considers himself Saitama’s rival, but there is a clear discrepancy in their strengths.

Sonic was given the monster cell so that he could become a monster. While it would have definitely enhanced his capabilities, Sonic would have become a heinous creature and met his end in the Monster Association arc. The author needs to give Sonic some attention so that the ninja can reduce the gap between Saitama and him.

4 Fubuki

One Punch Man Power Up Fubuki

Fubuki is the leader of the Blizzard Group. She is the younger sister of Tatsumaki, but there is a disparity in their strengths. Fubuki is a B-Class hero, while Tatsumaki is the number two S-Class hero.

Fubuki may be weak in comparison to her sister, but she is still a talented psychic. She can use her powers to create barriers to protect herself and others from enemy attacks. She is also able to enhance certain parts of an individual’s body, increasing the potency of their attacks. Fubuki can even heal her allies, which can prove an invaluable trait, especially in the midst of battles. Despite having such a variety of skills, Fubuki cannot compete with Demon-level threats. So, it would be a wise decision to give her a new power up.

3 King

King from One Punch Man with 3 scars

King gained the reputation of being the “Strongest Man Alive” after he accidentally ended up at the scenes where Saitama killed various monsters. This tricked people into believing that King was responsible for the extermination of the monsters. King has no combative abilities, and he mainly relies on his reputation to get out of tricky situations. He brings humor to the story, and his friendship with Saitama is quite wholesome.

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While King is not a fighter, his importance to the plot cannot be overstated. He is the only person who understands Saitama and his problems. The two get along rather well and form a great duo. However, there are lots of fans who wouldn’t mind if King received some kind of power that made him a serious fighter. It would make Saitama’s group even stronger and enable them to tackle high-level threats easily.

2 Metal Bat

Metal Bat in One-Punch Man

Metal Bat is an S-Class hero who was heavily involved in the second season of the anime. As the name suggests, his preferred weapon of choice is a metal bat. With his weapon, he rose through the ranks and secured a position among the elite. Metal Bat has incredible physical attributes, which allow him to fight against Demon-level threats.

His reflexes and speed are also rather impressive. He can move at high speed, making it almost impossible for enemies to land an attack. Metal Bat’s abnormal endurance is another trait that separates him from the rest of the heroes in the series. However, there is a limit to what Metal Bat can achieve with his current skillset. In order to improve, he requires a new weapon.

1 Garou


Garou’s popularity has skyrocketed ever since he debuted in the story. He induced a breath of fresh air with his personality and fighting style. Garou subverted the usual shonen villain tropes, which was the driving factor behind his resounding fame. Garou has immense fighting potential, as evidenced by his duels against the heroes. He reached the pinnacle of his powers when he made the slightest contact with God.

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Garou became so powerful that he could fight Saitama on an equal footing momentarily. However, he was eventually bested by the bald hero, after which Garou lost the powers bestowed upon him by God. Garou is still a strong character, but there is still a lot that he can achieve. So, it will be interesting to see how the author handles him.

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