Peaky Blinders: 17 Best Quotes In The Show


  • Quick-witted characters and stellar dialogue make Peaky Blinders a must-watch for intricate storytelling fans.
  • Michael and Tommy’s showdown in the final season is a gripping climax with outstanding performances.
  • Memorable quotes like “Don’t f*** with the Peaky Blinders” showcase the gang’s ruthless reputation and power.



Peaky Blinders has been a global sensation for years, in large part due to the distinct characters and the quality of the cast’s performances. The show has no shortage of quick-witted characters who interplay with each other verbally often, leading to scenes filled with stellar dialogue.

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While nearly every scene contains at least a piece of clever dialogue, some quotes are simply more memorable than others, and that mostly comes down to their importance in the context of the scene they appear in. British crime drama shows like Peaky Blinders are well worth a watch for viewers who enjoy intricate storytelling with A-star performances.

Updated May 29, 2024, By C. M Edwards: Peaky Blinders is still among the best shows on Netflix, even though its final season aired in 2022. Starring Cillian Murphy alongside a slew of incredible actresses and actors such as Helen McCrory, Tom Hardy, and Paul Anderson, Peaky Blinders blew expectations out of the water with an outstanding gritty crime drama that placed a single-family against the entire world. Time after time, the Shelby family defied all odds and came out on top with cold-hearted conviction. Tommy Shelby rose through the ranks to become an infamous crime lord and did so without a drop of sweat. Throughout the six seasons, many a one-liner was dropped that truly encompasses the weight of the story. Here are more of the best quotes from Peaky Blinders.

17 “Your Lethal Hand Is Always On Our Shoulders.” – Michael Shelby

Micahel And Tommy’s Feud Comes To A Head

Michael Gray from Peaky Blinders

In the final season of Peaky Blinders, the blood feud between Michael and Tommy finally comes to a head. The only true challenge Tommy has faced in his lifetime, the death of Polly Gray, hinders him from doing what is necessary and proving that he has no limitations. The climax of Tommy Shelby surviving a car bomb meant for him by Michael creates the situation he needs.

Michael stands proud when facing the man he meant to kill, blaming Tommy for his mother’s death, and wishing to be free of his influence. Tommy finds his conviction once again, but not before Michael sheds this line perfectly describing Tommy Shelby’s control over his family. Michaels’s final scene is arguably one of the best shot sequences in the series, with outstanding performances by both parties.

16 “I’m Guessing You People All Decided That The Only Person Who Could Ever Kill Tommy Shelby, Is Tommy Shelby Himself. ”

Tommy Overcomes Death And His Enemies

Tommy Shelby from Peaky Blinders on Miquelon Island.

The final season of Peaky Blinders was a roller coaster of a ride with so much at stake and the reaper knocking at Tommy Shelby’s door. With every turn, Tommy tried to rail against the fate of all living things by holding on to everything he’d earned over the years at the first moment and then throwing it all away the next.

Pushing away his family, finding hope in his daughter, and even going as far as to murder a member of his own family. Tommy’s fate would be sealed when he discovered he was plagued with a terminal illness and that his days were truly numbered. Refusing to let fate be in control of his ending, Tommy walked himself to the gallows and decided for himself. But fate is a truly funny thing, brought the truth to Tommy Shelby when he discovered that his trusted doctor was in bed with his enemies and sold him a lie.

15 “He Who Fights By The Sword, He F***ing Dies By It, Tommy.” – Alfie Solomons

Tommy Faces Alfie Solomons Fury

Alfie Solomons from Peaky Blinders sitting down.

In the third season of Peaky Blinders, Tommy is slowly pushed to his limits as his kingdom begins to rot from the inside. The Economic League needed to show Tommy just how powerless he was against them and, in doing so, dismantled his trust in his family, his business, and himself. One act that nearly broke Tommy was the kidnapping of his son, which brought him to the realization that he had been betrayed and the only person who could do so was Alfie Solomons.

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Upon accusing the only man Tommy saw as an equal, claiming that he had crossed the line triggers a furious outburst from Alfie. This monologue is the most powerful of the entire series and shows just how brilliant an actor Tom Hardy is. The emotion Hardy brought to the supporting character elevated the show and Tommy Shelby’s character.

14 “No Matter What It Takes, No Matter How Many Lies I Have To Tell, I Will Take Revenge On Tommy Shelby” – Michael Shelby

Michael Swears Vengence For Power

Tommy and Lizzie Shelby facing a bereavement on Peaky Blinders

Despite Tommy giving Michael a lot of power and position within the Shelby Company, tension had been brewing between the characters for a couple of seasons, noticeably when Michael failed to warn Tommy of a double-cross that would have led to his death. In Series 5, this conflict was developed further with Michael trying to usurp Tommy as head of the family.

In Series 6, the Shelbys are in open conflict, scheming and lying to try and kill the other. Michael starts the series off by saying this quote, making it clear that he will prove to be one of the best villains of the show.

13 “There Will Be A War And One Of You Will Die, But Which One I Cannot Tell” – Polly Gray

Polly Gray Fears For The Future

Johnny Dogs, Lizzie, Tommy, and Arthur Shelby from Peaky Blinders standing side-by-side

Despite the death of Helen McCrory, Polly managed to play a significant part in Peaky Blinders‘ final series, using deleted scenes from Series 5. This quote proved to be the set-up of much of Series 6, as it spoke of the conflict and feud Tommy and Michael were having with each other.

Since Polly had been suggested as being of a supernatural nature, at least in part due to her gypsy heritage, a quote like this from Polly was significant enough to raise the stakes for the show’s final season dramatically. It did not disappoint.

12 “No More Polly. No More Whiskey. No More Tommy” – Lizzie Shelby

The Black Sheep Of The Family Tries To Survive In A Family Of Black Sheep

Lizzie Shelby from Peaky Blinders in Season 6.

Tommy Shelby is a much different character in Season 6, changed by the death and betrayals around him that reached a head in the Series 5 finale. Lizzie comments on this early on in the series, which reflects that Tommy had given up alcohol and lost his Aunt Polly at the hands of the IRA.

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Tommy was much different, but the calculating gangster persona was still there, only wizened by years and loss. The grief and alcohol issues had finally shown that Tommy, like any other person, could be affected by the surrounding situation.

11 “Beware The Man With The Bleeding Heart Tattoo, With ‘Maria’ Written In Red” – Tommy Shelby

Tommy Stays Three Steps Ahead Even When His Back Is Against The Wall

Tommy Shelby from Peaky Blinders on Miquelon Island.

Tommy had started to read poetry in his time of being sober, taking more of an interest in language and the work of people who had come before him. Michael and the other associates working under Jack Nelson laughed at Tommy for this during their meeting on the island of Miquelon.

It is why it was such as great quote when Tommy, who had taken their disdain and passive attempts to humiliate him in his stride, left them with a clue of an informant within their organization spoken in a pseudo-poetic way. This line and scene showed that Tommy was still as quick-thinking and in control as he had been in the previous series.

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10 “Don’t F*** With The Peaky Blinders” – Everyone, But Mainly Polly Gray

More Than A Statement, A Rule Of Law

Polly Gray from Peaky Blinders smoking.

Frequently appearing through the episodes, “Don’t f*** with the Peaky Blinders” has become one of the most iconic lines in the show, which was partially acknowledged when Gina Gray finishes the line for Tommy during Series 5. The Peaky Blinders can be a truly evil gang when they are pushed into action, giving this line weight to those who hear it.

Often uttered by members of the Shelby family, this saying has become something of a victory catchphrase for the gang whenever they defeat a villain.

9 “Whiskey’s Good Proofing Water. Tells You Who’s Real And Who Isn’t”

A Vice That Tommy Shelby Lives By

Tommy Shelby from Peaky Blinders in his pub office.

Tommy developed a side project in making his own whiskey during the second series, showing how he treats life like a business sim game. This side hustle has gone on to become an income source he appears to be pursuing more seriously and has regularly offered it to those he holds meetings with. In a funny running joke, usually, nobody likes it.

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This line by Tommy shows his businesslike ability to vet those he may be choosing to work with. By giving prospective business partners whiskey, it allows him to get the full measure of the man (or woman) while they are under the influence.

8 “If You Make The Wrong Choice, You Won’t See 11:44”

Tommy Never Makes Threats, He Makes Appointments

Tommy Shelby from Peaky Blinders standing.

This line by Tommy is delivered brilliantly by Cillian Murphy. During the scene in Series 3, Episode 3, Tommy visits a man who may have information that he needs. The man is afraid to pass this on to Tommy out of fear of being killed, at least until the latter reminds him that the Peaky Blinders also kill people who don’t help them.

Tommy reminds the man that he can be scared of Section D at some point in the future or the Peaky Blinders at exactly 11:43. This “you won’t see 11:44” quote is delivered straight after, perfectly making his point known to the man.

7 “I Hear That You’ve Got Italians, Mate. You Got A Kestrel For Them An’ All?”

Alfie Solomons, One Of The Most Dangerous Men In England

The character Alfie Solomons from Peaky Blinders.

Alfie has a very distinct way of speaking that reflects Cockney speech patterns. In addition to this, he’s also very clever with his words, leading to lots of great quotes like this one.

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When meeting Tommy during Series 4, Alfie uses this quote to inquire Tommy about what he’s going to do about the Changretta family. The Changretta family has powerful ties to mobsters in America, and due to a vendetta with the Peaky Blinders, arrive in Birmingham after living in New York to attempt to kill them.

6 “May You Be In Heaven A Full Half Hour Before The Devil Knows You’re Dead”

Grace Shelby Truly Knows Her Husband’s Nature

Grace Shelby from TV show Peaky Blinders.

This line by Grace Shelby is a clever saying that is meant as kindness as well as an insult. She’s saying that the person will end up in Hell, but she likes them enough that they should be given at least a bit of time in Heaven before going down to Hell.

It’s rooted in faith, but it’s a non-serious compliment that reflects the dark humor that Peaky Blinders is known for. Grace says this line to Tommy during Series 3, but it actually comes from an old Irish drinking toast.

5 “He’ll Wake Up. Granted, He Won’t Have Any Teeth Left, But He’ll Be A Wiser Man For It”

Alfie Solomons Always Shoots From The Hip

Alfie Solomons from Peaky Blinders wearing a hat.

This quote by Alfie Solomons encapsulates his dry humor mixed with being sinister. Alfie says this line in Peaky Blinders‘ second series during the third episode. Talking about somebody who was beaten black and blue by the Blinders’ gang, this line shows how violence has been normalized in the British criminal underworld.

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Alfie is full of dialogue such as this that makes light of characters going through extreme hardship or traumatic incidents, and it is part of the character’s overall charm that has elevated him to one of the best characters on the show.

4 “I’m Just An Extreme Example Of What A Working Class Man Can Achieve”

Tommy Shelby’s World View Is Accurate And Is What Makes Him Dangerous

Tommy Shelby from Peaky Blinders smoking a cigarette.

Tommy and his family come from the very bottom of the working class, which is what has made him and his family’s ascension into the top echelon of society so much more impressing. In Series 4, Tommy vaults head-first into the world of politics, as if in a political video game, and struggles to find his place due to the other politicians viewing him as nothing more than a lower-level citizen.

This dialogue is a modest line from Tommy in response to his success being marveled at. The idea of class means a great deal to Tommy, and a big reason why he hates fascism is the elite shutting out certain groups of people based on their heritage and station in life.

3 “It’s Not A Good Idea To Look At Tommy Shelby The Wrong Way”

A Warning That Lasts Throughout the Entire Series

Tommy Shelby from Peaky Blinders on his wedding day.

Spoken in Series 1, this line of dialogue by Tommy himself is said to Grace late at night while she is working as a barmaid at the Garrison pub, which is the gang’s hideout. Being a secret agent, Grace is investigating Tommy, which he expects, adding a sinister undertone to the line.

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Tommy has shown to be the most measured out of him, John, and Arthur, but at times he is just as capable physically as them, if not more so. While he does use his brain rather than brawn most of the time, he reacts to any disrespect with brute force.

2 “I Don’t Pay For Suits. My Suits Are On The House Or The House Burns Down”

Even Tommy’s Flirting Sounds Like A Threat

Tommy Shelby from Peaky Blinders wearing a tuxedo.

Said by Tommy Shelby during the first season, this line is said to Grace about his tailor-made suits. While it reads like a joking sentence, Tommy is serious when he says it. The Peaky Blinders expect favor and respect for the good they do for the community and have no qualms about burning businesses down to the ground to prove a point. Being one of the most powerful gangs in England, they have a reputation to uphold.

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Since this line is said to Grace at a time when she and Tommy are falling in love with each other, it is possible this quote was a cheeky line to show off. In which case, it clearly worked, as Tommy went on to marry Grace during the third series.

1 “Everyone’s A W**e Grace. We Just Sell Different Parts Of Ourselves”

Tommy Describes His Opinion On People

Tommy Shelby from Peaky Blinders at a hotel.

This incredibly prophetic line is the best quote in all of Peaky Blinders and comes from Tommy to Grace in Series 1. During a conversation in the Garrison pub, while Grace is working a barmaid shift, they have a tense conversation as they learn about each other.

Tommy’s quote shows plainly the way he views the world and the people in it, and it contains a lot of wisdom in how the structure of our world leads to people selling themselves in different ways to make ends meet.

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