Pokemon: Misty’s Biggest Mistakes, Ranked

Misty is one of Pokemon’s most iconic characters; however, she has made some mistakes throughout the series.

It’s a sad time for fans of the Pokemon anime, as Ash Ketchum’s journey is coming to a close after more than two decades of adventure. As a result, many fans are looking back on the character’s history, including some of his more memorable traveling companions. However, none of Ash’s former friends has been as iconic as Misty from the original series.



Originally the Cerulean City Gym Leader, Misty’s role in the Pokemon anime brought her to new levels of fame in the franchise. Although she often spends her time critiquing the decisions of Ash and Brock, Misty is far from a perfect character herself. These seven moments from her anime appearances are perhaps Misty’s most regrettable.

7 A Water Rescue Gone Wrong

Misty and Brock watching Ash hug Lapras

Although Misty’s appearance post-original series were limited, she returned to Ash’s side for the last string of episodes in Pokemon Journeys: the Series to help close out the character’s decades-long adventure. Among these episodes includes “Ride, Lapras, Ride!,” which finds the original trio reuniting with the Lapras Ash befriended on the Orange Islands.

Lapras seeks the trio’s help in freeing a Wailmer stuck inside a rocky cave. Misty’s the one with a successful plan to pull Wailmer out using fishing rods, though the excited Wailmer ends up evolving into a Wailord, getting it stuck again. Unfortunately, Misty’s plan there didn’t account for what would happen if Wailmer evolved mid-rescue.

6 Misty Claims A Baby Pokemon

Misty holding Togepi

Misty’s Togepi becomes one of her most beloved partner Pokemon during her adventures with Ash. However, her coming into possession of the baby Pokemon is quite a controversial topic amongst hardcore fans of the series. As Togepi’s egg began to hatch, she competed with Ash, Brock, and Meowth to determine who would get to claim the hatched Pokemon.

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Although Ash wins Togepi fair and square, the newly-hatched Pokemon happens to see Misty first, imprinting on her as its parent. This eventually leads to a fruitful relationship between the trainer and her Pokemon, though it comes at quite a disappointment to her longtime friends, so hopefully, they didn’t hold a grudge against her for too long.

5 An Accidental Catch

Misty standing next to her Psyduck

Not all of Misty’s Pokemon were as beloved as Togepi. Just ask Psyduck, a Water-type Pokemon who Misty first encounters in the original series episode “Hypno’s Naptime.” Despite Misty’s disdain for the constantly-complaining Psyduck, she accidentally catches it at the end of the episode when she drops a Poke Ball near it.

For most of the original series, Misty and Psyduck are often at odds with one another, as Psyduck doesn’t like spending time in its Poke Ball. Eventually, the two’s relationship grows stronger, though Misty is often still annoyed at the Pokemon’s difficult personality, especially as it refuses to evolve into the much stronger Golduck.

4 The Misuse Of A Mega Evolution

Misty with a Mega Stone in her hair

One big moment in Misty’s history in the Pokemon anime is her return alongside Brock in Pokemon the Series: Sun & Moon. Naturally, Misty takes this opportunity to challenge Ash to a Pokemon battle, where she reveals her Gyarados now has the ability to Mega Evolve. This ideally should give her a great advantage against Ash, though it doesn’t go so well.

In one of Misty’s less thought-out moments in the anime, she pits her Mega Gyarados against Ash’s Pikachu, already giving herself a type disadvantage. Furthermore, her Gyarados gets hit pretty badly by Pikachu’s Z-Move, Gigavolt Havoc, which knocks it out and ultimately establishes Ash as the stronger of the two trainers yet again.

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3 Team Rocket Catch Misty Off-Guard

Misty meeting May

The first time Misty returned to the anime after parting ways with Ash in the original series is in Pokemon the Series: Ruby & Sapphire, in the episode “The Princess and the Togepi.” However, the plot of this episode finds Misty leading Ash, Brock, and their new companions, May and Max, into one very obvious trap set by Team Rocket involving her Togepi.

Given the original trio’s experiences with Team Rocket in the original series, it makes little sense how Misty was ignorant enough to fall for their trap. They’re eventually rescued by Colonel Hansen, who also turns out to be a bad guy wanting to kidnap Misty’s Togepi for his own nefarious purposes, making the whole endeavor an oversight by Misty.

2 Misty Loses The Whirl Cup

Misty posing with her Corsola

Misty mostly left the Pokemon battles to Ash, though in some instances of the original series, Misty herself participated in tournaments. This is especially true of the Whirl Cup, a tournament for Water-type specialists, which Misty and Ash both enter. This tournament also features the first instance where Misty defeats Ash in a Pokemon battle.

Despite her impressive performance in her battle against Ash, making it to the Top 8 of the tournament, Misty makes a fatal error in her match against Trinity. Though she narrowly defeats Trinity’s Gyarados with her Corsola, her Water-type is no match against Trinity’s Chinchou, which boasts a Water/Electric-typing that kicks Misty out of the tourney.

1 Misty’s Bike Is Stolen

Misty confronting Ash with her destroyed bike

Misty’s very first appearance in the anime contains perhaps the biggest mistake she ever made. She first encounters Ash after accidentally rescuing him and Pikachu from a river on Route 1. She offers Ash help by pointing him in the direction of the nearest Pokemon Center, though she mistakenly lets him get away with stealing her bike, which Pikachu destroys.

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Misty appears again in the second episode, demanding Ash repay her for the stolen bike. The entire reason she ends up following him across Kanto is out of stubbornness of getting her bike fixed, although the two end up bonding and becoming close friends. Still, a lot of stress could’ve been avoided if Misty kept a better eye on her beloved bicycle.

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