Suicide Squad Isekai: Every Major DC Character Confirmed To Be In The Anime

Anime may be a new look for the Suicide Squad, but the lineup should be familiar to DC fans.


  • Harley Quinn, The Joker, and Deadshot are iconic members of the DC Universe appearing in the new isekai anime. They bring familiarity to the new setting.
  • Characters like Peacemaker, Katana, King Shark, and Clayface add depth to the team with their unique abilities and backgrounds, making the Squad diverse.
  • Amanda Waller and Rick Flag maintain their crucial roles as the boss and field leader of the Suicide Squad, ensuring the team stays focused during their isekai adventure.

What a weird combo! Suicide Squad Isekai does exactly what the name suggests. It takes the eponymous team of DC villains and sends them to another fantastical world. That journey is the foundation for isekai anime, and it’s not even new for DC. Batman Ninja, for instance, is an anime flick that sends the Dark Knight to the otherworldly setting of feudal Japan. However, no one expects it from these characters. That said, even the foreign can have some familiarity.

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DC devotees should recognize these rogues. The upcoming series contains a plethora of players who are prolific in the comics. In addition, many of them have shown up in other adaptations involving the Suicide Squad. Fans are naturally curious to see them in this latest offering. Not only is it a chance to reunite with their comic favorites, but it portrays them in an entirely new form.

Harley Quinn

The Unhinged Jester Returns To The Squad Once Again

Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad Isekai

  • Voice: Anna Nagase

Front and center is the Squad’s most iconic member. Harley Quinn starts as a psychiatrist. She comes to Arkham Asylum hoping to treat the most extreme cases, but she gets more than she bargained for with the Joker. The Clown Prince of Crime reels her in with tragic yarns while bringing much-needed fun to her life. She then falls in love with her patient and becomes his partner in crime, though he sees her as little more than a minion. She fares better when paired with others.

Harley has been a consistent member of the Suicide Squad. She’s been at the frontlines of both animated and live-action movies involving the team. Most recently, she led the game Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League. Given those longstanding ties, it figures she would appear in this show.

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The Joker

The Clown Prince Of Crime Accompanies His Girlfriend In This Adventure

The Joker in Suicide Squad Isekai

  • Voice: Yuchiro Umehara

Hand-in-hand with Harley is her “Pud’n.” The Joker is among the most notorious villains in the DC Universe, but little is known about his origin. Some tales paint him as a hitman for the mob; others portray him as a down-on-his-luck comedian. The constant is that he falls into a tank of acid, which bleaches his skin and drives him mad. That insanity makes him an unpredictable and dangerous foe for Batman. Even other villains hate working with him.

That’s partly why he’s not a member of the Squad. Granted, the Joker occasionally shows up in their stories, but it’s usually to disrupt their missions. By extension, he tests Harley’s resolve by questioning her loyalty. Perhaps that will be the case here.


The Master Marksman Could Lead The Team In Their Isekai Exploits

Deadshot in Batman: Arkham City and Suicide Squad Isekai

  • Voice: Reigo Yamaguchi

One character who is a recurring part of the team is Deadshot. Floyd Lawton is a professional assassin hailed for his marksmanship. He can hit targets from seemingly any angle or distance. He carefully plans his kills and executes them with methodical detail. That skill set makes him a tricky enemy for Batman, but it also makes him ideal for the Squad.

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Deadshot’s efficiency often puts him in a leadership position. Movies like Batman: Assault on Arkham, Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay, and the 2016 live-action film put him (reluctantly) in charge of operations. That isn’t the case in Kill the Justice League, but that game is an outlier in many areas. For this upcoming series, Lawton will likely keep the team on track amid the isekai craziness.


The Crazy Killer Strives To Ensure Peace, Even In Another World

Peacemaker in The Suicide Squad and Suicide Squad Isekai

  • Voice: Takehito Koyasu

Having a short yet unmistakable role in the trailers is Peacemaker. Christopher Smith’s roots lie in diplomacy. He prizes peace above all, and he kills whomever he deems necessary to achieve it. His targets mainly include dictators and warlords, but his actions still alienate him from most DC heroes. His methods are simply too extreme. That revulsion extends to villains.

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Peacemaker doesn’t have any significant ties to the Squad. He’s a part-time member at most. However, his popularity exploded due to his role in James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad and the subsequent spin-off show. That might explain why his outfit in Isekai looks virtually identical.


The Exiled Samurai May Not Fit In With The Squad, But She’s Ideal For This Medium

Katana in Suicide Squad 2016 and Suicide Squad Isekai

  • Voice: Chika Anzai

Hailing from Japan, Katana is the most appropriate for an anime tale. Tatsu Yamashiro loses her husband and children to the yakuza. All she has left is a mystical sword holding her beau’s soul. This compels her to train as a samurai and travel to America. She doesn’t turn to villainy, though. Instead, she fights crime, even joining several superhero teams like the Justice League and the Outsiders.

Katana rarely associates herself with the Suicide Squad. In most cases, Waller brings her in as outside help. She helps lead the crooks and keep them in line. The most prominent example is the 2016 film, where she serves as backup for Rick Flag. Isekai may place her in that position again.

King Shark

The Ocean Predator Comes Ashore To Help Out The Squad

King Shark, Deadshot, and Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad Isekai

  • Voice: Subaru Kimura

As the name suggests, King Shark descends from underwater royalty. Nanaue is the son of a shark god. Stalking the oceans, he devours people along the coasts of Hawaii. Such predatory habits attract the attention of DC heroes. To them, he’s just another villain.

To others, he’s a semi-regular member of the Suicide Squad. His immense strength and aquatic prowess are useful in a pinch, but the adaptations usually make him a comic relief character. Assault on Arkham, the 2021 film, the Harley Quinn show, and Kill the Justice League all treat him as such. The Isekai trailers appear to go the same route.


The Shapeshifting Villain Takes On A New Guise To Join The Squad

Clayface in Gotham Knights and Suicide Squad Isekai

  • Voice: Jun Fukuyama

An odd inclusion is Clayface. Many individuals have taken the mantle of this Batman rogue, but the most enduring version is Basil Karlo. He’s an actor who’s driven mad by the industry’s cutthroat nature. When one of his films is remade without him, he goes on a killing spree. He later injects himself with blood samples from other Clayfaces, thereby gaining powers for himself. With the slimy shapeshifting gifts, he can have any role he wants.

Batman In DC Comics


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As such, he rarely works with the Suicide Squad. He sometimes teams up with individual members, such as in the Harley Quinn series, but his group efforts mostly consist of other teams like the Secret Society and the Mud Pack. Isekai looks to mix things up in that regard, and not just through his makeover.

Amanda Waller

The Squad’s Boss Is Here, And She’s As Ruthless As Ever

Amanda Waller in Suicide Squad Isekai

  • Voice: Kujira

One can’t have the Suicide Squad without the boss. After criminals leave her a widow and a grieving mother, Amanda Waller becomes a U.S. government agent. She possesses political savviness and an uncanny ability to get things done, which earned her various powerful positions. DC fans frequently see her running initiatives like A.R.G.U.S. and Cadmus. Her methods may be unethical, but they’re all to protect her country.

Task Force X truly tests that notion. Waller takes inspiration from the program’s previous renditions and revives it as the “Suicide Squad.” That role makes her a mainstay in any tale involving the reluctant team. She picks the members and strongarms them into completing the mission. Obviously, she’ll fulfill the same function in the latest tale.

Rick Flag

The Field Leader Tries To Rein In The Squad’s Anime Craziness

Rick Flag in Justice League Unlimited and Suicide Squad Isekai

  • Voice: Taku Yashiro

Waller may coordinate, but the field leader is Rick Flag. This seasoned spy and military man quickly earns acclaim within the U.S. government. He gains a proud reputation as a man who follows orders and serves his country with distinction. It’s no wonder why Waller picks him to head her covert ops. He commands Task Force X during missions, keeping them focused and ensuring they achieve their goal. These responsibilities make him an integral part of many works.

Flag shows up in several stories involving the group. These include TV exploits like Justice League Unlimited, as well as the two live-action Suicide Squad films. However, he’s not quite as prolific as fans would think. Some versions see him replaced by characters like Deadshot or Blackbolt, who assume leadership in his stead. Thankfully, that doesn’t seem to be the case in Isekai.

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