The 24 Most Iconic Anime Characters Who Dual Wield Weapons

Nothing is more impressive than wielding two weapons at once, and these cool anime characters prove that with their dual-wielding skills.


  • Dual-wielding characters in anime are versatile fighters who can adapt to any situation and fight in both long and short-range combat.
  • These characters exhibit exceptional strength, skills, and speed, making them some of the deadliest fighters in their respective anime.
  • Despite the practicality or possibility of wielding certain weapons, the characters still look cool and command attention when using them.



The world of anime has a lot of characters that wield one or more weapons. Some of these weapons seem practical and easy to use. Then there are a few that might make some fans scratch their heads because it just doesn’t seem possible to even lift them. Either way, it can’t be denied that the characters look cool when using them.

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These characters have become pretty iconic for dual-wielding their weapons of choice. A few of them might use more than two weapons and sometimes they’ll even use one, but dual-wielding is their main choice for combat.

Update January 14, 2024 by Sarah Prado: These characters make dual-wielding look so effortless even though it’s a tough skill to master. Their techniques and skills make them versatile fighters and most of them can fight in both long and short-range combat. Even with their hands occupied, their defense isn’t lacking and they make up for any weaknesses with speed and smarts.

Anyone unfortunate to fight them will have a long and tough battle ahead because of their ability to adapt to everything happening around them. Whether it’s firearms or blades, these characters choose to dual-wield and are some of the deadliest fighters in their respective anime.

1 Asta And His Anti-Magic Swords

Black Clover

Asta Black Clover anime

Release Date October 3, 2017 Genres Action , Fantasy Studio Pierrot Number of Episodes 170

Having been born with no magic, Asta wields Anti-magic Swords to help even the playing field. These swords help nullify and cut through magic. Asta doesn’t suffer the consequences of using these swords since he has no mana for them to deplete. With his Demon-Slayer Sword, he’s able to extend the Anti-magic around the edges of the blade and can use the flat side of his sword to deflect spells.

His Demon-Dweller Sword allows him to release projectiles of Anti-magic from long distances that can cut through magic. It can also use the magic from those around him that imbue these slashes with their properties. Thanks to his training and experience, Asta can wield these swords with no problem. His style is a little rough compared to most swordsmen, but no one can deny his strength and skills.

2 Claudia Enfield And Her Twin Swords, Pan-Dora

Asterisk War

Claudia Enfield Pan-Dora swords Asterisk War anime

  • Release Year: 2015
  • Studio: A-1 Pictures
  • Genre: Action, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Harem
  • Number of Episodes: 12

Being the student council president since middle school, it’s only fitting that Claudia has very powerful weapons by her side. Pan-Dora gives her the ability to see up to 300 seconds into the future. While this is a great ability to have, it comes at the cost of Claudia having nightmares of her experiencing a different death every time she sleeps. Despite this, Claudia still refers to Pan-Dora as her “little darling” and is the only student to ever use the weapon.

Claudia effortlessly wields these swords in combat with great confidence and skill. Being the second top-ranking fighter in the academy, very few can defeat her in battle and her skill is said to be equal to Ayato, the number one top-ranking student.

3 Archer And His Dual Swords, Kanshou And Bakuya

Fate/Stay Night

Archer Kanshou And Bakuya Fate Stay Night anime

Fate/stay night

Release Date January 7, 2006 Genres Action , Fantasy , Supernatural Studio Studio Deen Number of Episodes 24

Ironically, Archer’s preferred weapons are the two swords, Kanshou and Bakuya. He’s quite skilled in melee combat and prefers fighting in close-range combat to throw his opponents off. He often uses both blades at the same time and is such a formidable opponent that he was able to defeat Berserker six times.

What Archer lacks in strength, he makes up for it with his unorthodox tactics and techniques. Should he lose one or both swords in combat, he can use his Projection magic to create new ones. His versatility and adaptability make him one of the most unique and strongest Servants in the series.

4 Kohaku And Her Twin Knives

Dr. Stone

Kohaku And Her Twin Knives Dr. Stone anime

Dr. Stone

Release Date July 5, 2019 Genres Adventure , Comedy , Sci-Fi Studio TMS Entertainment Number of Episodes 58

Kohaku is a girl that excels in using her speed in combat so she needs weapons that won’t slow her down. These primitive-looking knives are perfect for her, and Kohaku is very skilled at using them. What she lacks in strength and technique, she makes up for with quick reflexes and great combat instincts.

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Despite not having any formal training in using her knives, Kohaku can perform a lot of quick strikes when attacking. Anyone who fights against her will either have to be stronger, smarter, or quick to win.

5 Asuma Sarutobi And His Chakra Blades


Asuma Sarutobi naruto anime


Release Date October 2, 2002 Genres Animation , Action , Adventure Studio Pierrot Number of Episodes 220

Asuma was a well-known shinobi when he was alive, and it’s easy to see why. Not only was he observant of those around him, but he was a capable fighter with his chakra blades. He would infuse custom-made trench knives with his chakra, and this made his close-range combat all the more lethal. With these blades, he could cut through just about anything from wood to rocks and even metal.

Thanks to his skill with these blades, Asuma was one of the best fighters in close combat. Plus, he could also extend the blades several feet with his chakra and force his enemies to dodge his attacks even if they weren’t close to him.

6 Sally And Her Unique Daggers

Bofuri: I Don’t Want To Get Hurt, So I’ll Max Out My Defense

Sally bofuri dual-wielding weapons


Release Date January 8, 2020 Genres Action , Adventure , Fantasy Studio SILVER LINK. Number of Episodes 24

Sally is a girl who is quick on her feet and needs weapons that won’t slow her down. Thankfully, she has two unique daggers to help her out. She is able to slash through enemies quickly and has taken out several players or NPCs with little issue. Her daggers give a boost to her strength, dexterity, and intelligence.

She might not have the highest strength, defense, and HP, but Sally knows her strengths and weaknesses. She knows how to work well with her guild and her methods of doing things can be just as unorthodox as Maple’s.

7 Yukio Okumura And His Dragoon Handguns

Blue Exorcist

Yukio Okumura And His Dragoon Handguns (Blue Exorcist)

Blue Exorcist

Release Date April 17, 2011 Genres Action , Fantasy , Supernatural Studio A-1 Pictures Number of Episodes 37

Having not received the same Blue Flames as his brother Rin, Yukio was trained at a young age to become an exorcist to protect him. He trained to become a Doctor and a Dragoon, becoming the youngest student to pass the exam at thirteen years old. With Dragoon being his offensive Meister, Yukio dual-wields handguns for mid and long-range combat.

Thanks to his flame resistance, Yukio can use guns and ammunition that would harm most wielders because of their magical properties. If that doesn’t make him sound deadly, he can keep up with those who specialize in close-range combat like Shura Kirigakure, who is known as a great swordswoman.

8 Aria Holmes Kanzaki And Her Two Colt Pistols And Short Swords

Aria The Scarlet Ammo

Aria Holmes Kanzaki And Her Two Colt Pistols And Short Swords (Aria The Scarlet Ammo)

  • Release Year: 2011
  • Studio: J.C. Staff
  • Genre: Action, Romantic comedy
  • Number of Episodes: 12

No one should be fooled by her small stature as Aria is a deadly force. She has two Colt pistols that she can use in both close and long-range combat. Her accuracy is pretty spot-on, so her enemies will either be hit or disarmed if she fires at them.

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If anyone thinks she’s helpless without her guns, Aria also carries two short swords with her. She’s just as deadly with them as she is with her firearms and uses them for quick, strong strikes. Aria might not look big and intimidating, but she uses her small size to her advantage and opponents should be careful when fighting her.

9 Shunsui Kyoraku And His Dual Swords


Shunsui Kyoraku anime bleach dual-wielding swords


Release Date October 5, 2004 Genres Action , Adventure , Fantasy Studio Pierrot Number of Episodes 392

One of the best swordsmen in the Soul Society, Shunsui has earned his spot as a Captain of the 1st Division and Captain-Commander of the Gotei 13. With his two swords, Shunsui is a master at close-range combat, and it helps that he’s ambidextrous. Though it seems like he’s a bit stronger using his left hand, his strength with his right hand is just as good.

With his swords and a strategist mind, Shunsui is one of the best warriors in the Bleach universe. Anyone who fights him is going to have a tough fight on their hands and very few will make it out unscathed.

10 Yato And His Blessed Vessel, Yukine


Yato And His Blessed Vessel, Yukine (Noragami)


Release Date January 5, 2014 Genres Action , Supernatural Studio Bones Number of Episodes 24

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This god might not seem like much, but Yato is a lot stronger than what his fellow gods give him credit for. Yato had his regalia and shiki Yukine as a single sword for a long time until Yukine was cut in half by Bishamon. After this, Yukine transformed into a blessed vessel and became two swords that Yato now wields. Yato quickly adapted to using two blades and has become quite skilled at doing so.

Becoming a blessed vessel wasn’t just giving Yato and Yukine a power boost, but it also symbolized just how strong their bond was. Very few shiki become blessed vessels for the god they’re serving, and Yukine’s transformation shows that he’s extremely loyal to Yato and is willing to sacrifice his own life to keep him safe.

11 Thorfinn And His Two Blades

Vinland Saga

Thorfinn And His Two Blades (Vinland Saga)

Vinland Saga

Release Date July 7, 2019 Genres Action , Drama , Historical Studio Wit Studio, MAPPA Number of Episodes 48

Relying on speed and agility is the way that Thorfinn prefers to fight and these two blades are his most trusted weapons. To make up for his lack of brute strength, Thorfinn uses these blades for quick and precise strikes and has taken out opponents far above his level. His agility is so high that he has been able to avoid platoons of soldiers in seconds and also has great reflexes.

He specifically targets his opponent’s weak points and uses his speed to avoid attacks. Thorfinn does get stronger as he gets older, but his speed is still his greatest asset and these blades just fit perfectly with his fighting style.

12 Kirito And His Swords

Sword Art Online

Kirito And His Swords (Sword Art Online)

Sword Art Online

Release Date July 8, 2012 Genres Isekai , Action , Fantasy Studio A-1 Pictures Number of Episodes 96

At this point, the best question for Kirito would be: is there anything he can’t do? He started the series wielding one sword but has been using two swords since the Aincrad arc. Using two swords was no problem for him and just added to the large pool of skills that he had. It also makes him a rather unique character and makes him more powerful than other characters in Sword Art Online.

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Being the main character of the series also helps, but it can’t be denied that Kirito has come a long way since the beginning of the series. Whether he’s using one or two swords, he’s a pretty strong fighter who is more than capable of holding his own against even the toughest of foes.

13 Imai Nobume And Her Dual Katanas


Imai Nobume And Her Dual Katanas (Gintama)


Release Date April 4, 2006 Genres Comedy , Action , Sci-Fi Studio Sunrise, Bandai Namco Pictures Number of Episodes 367

A very powerful woman who was raised as an assassin. Nobume uses two swords when fighting and she’s considered one of the deadliest warriors around. During her childhood, she was able to kill other adult rival assassins and didn’t get any injuries from doing so. Plus, she can keep up with some of the strongest characters in the series and is a very opponent to face.

Even Kondo Isao has commented on her abilities and says that every strike from her is lethal and is meant to be a killing blow. Her swords are incredibly durable and have sliced through concrete with ease, proving that it’ll take a lot to break them.

14 Yor Forger And Her Elegant Stiletto Daggers

Spy x Family

Yor Forger And Her Elegant Stiletto Daggers (Spy x Family)

Spy x Family

Release Date April 9, 2022 Genres Comedy , Action Studio Wit Studio, CloverWorks Number of Episodes 25 (Season 1); 12 (Season 2)

Yor has only been around the anime scene for a short time, but she’s already become pretty iconic for a lot of reasons. Her look when she’s out doing a job looks deadly yet elegant and her stiletto daggers match perfectly with it. Yor uses these daggers with ease and can take on multiple people at once when using them.

She can use them for close-range, which she normally does, or she can throw them at people who are far away. She might not use them a lot, but Yor looks elegant every time she wields them. They might look delicate, but these daggers are very sharp and deadly, especially with such a strong woman wielding them with expertise.

15 Tengeun Uzui And His Flashy Nichirin Cleavers

Demon Slayer

Tengeun Uzui And His Flashy Nichirin Cleavers (Demon Slayer)

Demon Slayer

Release Date April 6, 2019 Genres Action , Adventure Studio ufotable Number of Episodes 55

A flashy man like Tengen needs an equally flashy weapon and he uses two of them. His cleavers are heavier than the average Nichirin sword and they have explosive power in them. In Tengen’s hands, these cleavers are some of the deadliest weapons in the series. With the chain connecting them, he uses them almost like nunchucks and wields them effortlessly.

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Even after Gyutaro cut off his left hand, Tengen had no trouble using them and was able to fight the Upper Six Kizuki on equal grounds. He might’ve retired after the battle, but Tengen is pretty iconic because of his flashiness and amazing strength.

16 Death The Kid And His Demon Twin Guns, Liz And Patty

Soul Eater

Death The Kid And His Demon Twin Guns, Liz And Patty (Soul Eater)

Soul Eater

Release Date April 7, 2008 Genres Action , Comedy , Fantasy Studio Bones Number of Episodes 51

Death the Kid is no ordinary reaper and uses these twin guns in combat. He can use them for ranged combat, and he’s even proficient at using them at close range. He was able to keep up with Black Star, who is a master at close-range fighting. Death the Kid easily shows that he’s a force to be reckoned with no matter who he’s fighting.

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The sisters who form into his guns aren’t technically twins, but Liz and Patty work perfectly together. In their gun forms, both sisters are able to take quite a bit of damage and not be harmed as shown in Death the Kid’s fight against Nars.

17 Mikasa Ackerman And Her Ultrahard Steel Blades

Attack On Titan

Mikasa Ackerman And Her Ultrahard Steel Blades (Attack On Titan)

Attack On Titan

Release Date April 7, 2013 Genres Action , Drama , Fantasy Studio Wit Studio, MAPPA Number of Episodes 94

Mikasa has come a long way since the series began. She showed that she has natural combat prowess and still maintains a pretty clear head when her emotions run high. She’s one of the strongest warriors in the series and it can be argued she’s just as strong as Levi.

Mikasa’s skill using the blades came naturally to her and she took out quite a few of the titans early in the series. She also uses Thunder Spears regularly depending on who she’s fighting. However, Mikasa always has her blades on her and anybody going against her probably won’t make it out alive.

18 Alucard And His Dual Pistols

Hellsing: Ultimate

Alucard And His Dual Pistols (Hellsing Ultimate)

Hellsing Ultimate

Release Date February 10, 2006 Genres Action , Supernatural , Fantasy Studio Satelight, Madhouse, Graphinica Number of Episodes 10

Alucard doesn’t even need weapons to take down his enemies, but he does look cool wielding these pistols. At first glance, these pistols might seem like any other gun, but these are modified very differently. Both guns have heavy recoil which is too much for an ordinary human, but it’s no problem for Alucard. One shot from these guns is more than enough to kill a vampire.

He does use these guns regularly when going up against most enemies. While he doesn’t use them much near the end of the series, these guns are still very memorable when thinking about Alucard.

19 Revy And Her Modified Berettas

Black Lagoon

Revy And Her Modified Berettas (Black Lagoon)

Black Lagoon

Release Date April 9, 2006 Genres Action Studio Madhouse Number of Episodes 29

Revy is undoubtedly the main reason why the Lagoon Company is as successful as it is. She can use just about any firearm that’s given to her, but she always has her trusty berettas in hand. With just these two guns alone, Revy is pretty much a one-woman army. She’s taken out groups of enemies in just a short amount of time thanks to her skill.

Her marksmanship is insanely good and Revy is deadlier than most people since she’s ambidextrous. Revy might not be the smartest in the group, but she’s a huge reason why they’re so successful in their missions.

20 Inosuke Hashibira And His Dual Nichirin Swords

Demon Slayer

Inosuke Hashibira And His Dual Nichirin Swords (Demon Slayer)

He’s one of the few dual-wielders in the series, and he is one fearsome foe. Inosuke opts to have his blades chipped with gashes so he can tear his opponents apart instead of making a clean cut. While this sounds a little savage, it does fit Inosuke’s fighting style and personality, which is more bestial than human.

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Despite having no formal training, Inosuke wields these swords with ease and is pretty close to a Hashira-level of expertise. With Tanjiro and Zenitsu’s help, he was able to behead Daki once even after she blocked his attack. Inosuke was able to behead her again thanks to Zenitsu’s help and Tanjiro beheaded Gyutaro at the same time, killing the demon siblings once and for all.

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