The 9 Best Non-Human Waifus from Anime

These characters may not be human, but that doesn’t stop them from being adorable and amazing waifus.

It is an argument many anime fans are familiar with and likely have had themselves–which girl is best girl? Normally, these arguments revolve around human women such as Misato from Neon Genesis Evangelion, but what about the characters that aren’t quite human?



Whether they are an alien, a zombie, a robot, or something that doesn’t quite fit into any of those categories, they are no less deserving of the love and attention of fans. With them all having fantastic and likable personalities to match their fascinating and unique looks, they are also deserving to be called top-tier waifus.

9 Morrigan Aensland – Night Warriors: Darkstalkers’ Revenge

Shoulder-up shot of Morrigan, standing in front of an open window as she glares forward.

There isn’t a person alive who hasn’t heard the name Morrigan Aensland, and even if they don’t recognize her name, her character design will certainly be familiar. She is one of the most favored and adored waifus of all time, first appearing in Capcom’s fighting game Darkstalkers, before she and the Darkstalkers universe were given the anime treatment with Night Warriors: Darkstalkers Revenge.

As a succubus, Morrigan is a beautiful woman exuding confidence and sensuality, but her heart is not completely black, being somewhat friendly and approachable despite her demonic existence. Morrigan often shirks her responsibilities as the ruler of Aensland estate to satisfy her hunger and appetite for hedonism among mortals, which make her more than a viable waifu especially for those who are looking for a good time.

8 Mirko – My Hero Academia

Mirko Smiling While Breaking Through A Wall In My Hero Academia

In a world where many people possess superpowers, it’s not a stretch to imagine some of the inhabitants might not seem fully human. At first glance, Mirko does seem just like an average but muscular human woman, but at a second glance the rabbit ears adorning her head become quite apparent, as well as the round fluffy tail on her lower back. With her white hair and red eyes, she has the appearance of an albino rabbit, with those Leporidae characteristics being her Quirk.

Mirko is a brash and bold woman who demonstrates great power and independence, often bluntly expressing how heroes who form teams are cowards. The no holds barred aspect of her personality may be off-putting for a few, but most will undoubtedly find it part of her magnetic charm. And besides, she still is willing to help those in need without deriding their moment of weakness, showing her to be a well-rounded waifu.

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7 Aisha ClanClan – Outlaw Star

Bust-up shot of Aisha ClanClan, flexing with a small grin on her face.

One of the space-western animes of yore, Outlaw Star never quite reached the fame and acclaim of rival Cowboy Bebop, but it does merit attention from anime fans who might have missed this, bringing in sci-fi usualities of space-ships, colonizing other planets, alien technology, and of course, aliens. The green-skinned babe trope is one commonly found in classic sci-fi tales of old, which basically just mean the inclusion of an attractive alien that looks more or less human, and Outlaw Star doesn’t shy away from this.

Aisha ClanClan is part of the Ctarl-Ctarl species, aliens that are capable of shapeshifting to change into more primal forms, and their usual form sees them sporting some feline qualities. With a tiny frame, Aisha is cute to look at, but make no mistake, she could claw the face off of anyone she comes across. Aisha is proud of her noble heritage, but often can act in a clumsy manner that makes her endearing, with a hotheadedness to ensure no one takes her lightly.

6 Yugiri – Zombie Land Saga

Yuguri indulging in a glass of what appears to be whiskey with a content smile on her face.

When done up with her hair and makeup, Yugiri looks just like any other beautiful woman in her twenties, but the makeup hides one secret: Yugiri died a long time ago, and is now a living zombie that is part of the undead idol group composed of many famous girls from various eras, Zombie Land Saga. Being in the public eye, the girls must take care to hide their undead identity from the public through the use of heavy-duty makeup.

A famed courtesan from the Meiji era, Yugiri is undeniably a great beauty, and is full of the grace and sensuality one would expect from a woman of that profession. This grace allows Yugiri to remain calm even when confronted with her life extending beyond the mortal coil, and thrust into a world that has much changed since she walked upon it as a living woman. Her presence on-screen is soothing, and more often than not she shows a selfless attitude towards her fellow idols, which makes her a fantastic waifu.

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5 Aqua – KonoSuba

Aqua smiles happily as she extends her arms forward, ghost-like spirits rising into the air around her

If anime fans don’t think a zombie, alien or demonic character is to their taste, perhaps they want something a little more divine, and that divinity could come in the form of KonoSuba’s Aqua, but she may not be exactly what they might expect from a Goddess. She is one of the deity’s of the world of KonoSuba, and as her name and blue color scheme might denote, she is the Goddess of Water.

Though quite a carefree and high-spirited woman, Aqua can also be short-sighted, not thinking about the long-term consequences of her actions. She thrives on praise and worship, and often performs good deeds hoping to be praised, and will often aggressively pursue accolades from others. She can also often act inappropriately, ending in moments that are hilarious. It’s hard not to be lured in by Aqua’s clumsy charms.

4 Lust – Fullmetal Alchemist

Lust wears a partial scowl on her face as she looks off to the side, standing in a dark room.

Though one of the most infamous Fullmetal Alchemist antagonists, it’s hard to hate Lust and the rest of the homunculi. The living embodiment of Father’s lust, she is one of the seven homunculi that all embody one of the seven deadly sins, acting as main antagonists to Edward and the other state alchemists. They were purged from the Fathers body, as he saw them as obstacles to achieving his lofty goals, but as their own individuals, these sins show they are a force to be reckoned with.

As the embodiment of desire, Lust can often be mildly flirtatious with others but mostly she is the object of others peoples desire, and uses this to her advantage to manipulate people like Havoc. With the ability to extend her nails to long and sharp claws, she is as deadly as she is beautiful, but this deadly edge only serves to make her more alluring.

3 Android 18 – Dragon Ball Z

Android 18 glaring downward with a look contempt.

Android 18 once was an ordinary human woman, but ended up as an android created by the scientist Dr Gero to help him in his quest to defeat Goku. As a result, Android 18 and 17 were pitted against the Saiyans, and displayed extraordinary feats of strength and combat prowess. Eventually, Android 18 switched allegiances to side with Goku and his allies, settling down alongside Krillian.

Cool and collected, she barely breaks a sweat when confronted with dangerous and deadly situations, but she is quick to dish out a sarcastic remark as she is a punch. Maturing from a young delinquent to a wife and mother shows her capacity for growth as a character without losing the rough and tumble charm fans come to appreciate about her. And although she is a wife to someone in the show, it doesn’t make her any less a viable waifu.

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2 Zero Two – Darling in the Franxx

Zero Two smiling widely at the camera, leaning forward.

A mix between a human and a klaxo, Zero Two is a little stranger than what her mostly normally and cutesy appearance would convey. She pilots a Franxx machine along with her co-pilot Hiro to fight against the large creatures in a plot that seems inspired by Pacific Rim, only with the caveat the pilots must be one male and one female in order to be ‘drift compatible’.

Zero Two faces a lot of ostracization due to the horns on her head that serve as a visual reminder of the Klaxosaur blood in her veins, but she is accepting of her solitude until the right person comes along that changes her mind. Though she has a bloodied reputation that follows her after the deaths of her previous partners, Zero Two demonstrates a playful and humorous side that is sure to entice people, and makes her appear almost ordinary to the audience without watering down her unique character.

1 Panty – Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt

Close up of Panty with a small mischievous grin on her face.

One of two of the angelic twins cast down from heaven due to their Anarchic behavior, they show a whole new take on the fallen angel story, revolving around two girls and their exploits on earth. They are sent to a city that borders Hell and Heaven which is often under-seige by malicious entities known as Ghosts. Under the watchful eye of Reverend Garterbelt, the two girls wage a war against them, but this does not stop them from indulging in their vices.

The more lascivious of the twins, Panty is both a lover and a fighter, able to transform her panties into a fully functional gun. A rebel rouser, trouble-maker and kick-ass independent woman, its no mystery as to why the beautiful Panty acquires her fair share of lovers during her time on earth, and as to why she’s a top-tier waifu for so many.

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