The Best Smart TVs in 2023

Smart TVs are here to stay and that’s great news! We gathered our top smart TVs for 2023 so you can know which one is best for your space.

Over recent years, homes have become dominated by smart devices including speakers, lights, and cameras. The TV remains the central entertainment hub in many households, so it’s only natural that they adopt features like voice control as well as support for major streaming video services. Whether a buyer considers a TV an appliance or a sophisticated piece of consumer electronics, it’s one of the most impactful purchases for a single gamer or an entire family.

With larger 4K and 8K displays often costing thousands of dollars, there is obviously much at stake when shopping for the best TV. Buyers want a TV that not only plays all types of today’s content but can also accommodate future Blu-ray disc players, gaming consoles, and PCs. Although narrowing down the smart TV contenders can be an exhausting process, here are some factors to make the search easier:

  • Screen size: While resolution is important, screen size ultimately has the largest impact on the viewing experience. Buyers should consider if they have the budget for a larger TV and if a room has sufficient dimensions for an optimal seating position.
  • Panel type: Most experts consider OLED TVs as the gold standard of picture quality, capable of the deepest blacks. However, these are the most expensive smart TVs and the competing LED technology provides bright and colorful images for more reasonable prices.
  • Smart TV OS: Smart TVs use a variety of different software to offer downloading streaming and gaming apps. As a result, not all TVs may have the same apps available or communicate with every smart home device, so it’s wise to check out any TV’s capabilities in advance.
  • Gaming features: Both consoles and the graphics cards that power gaming PCs are constantly evolving. Some smart TVs differ with features like 120 hz or higher refresh rates, VRR, and G-Sync which all affect the smoothness of gameplay.

These are the Best Smart TVs

Sony Bravia XR A80L Sony BRAVIA XR A80L Best Overall Smart TV$1798 $1998 Save $200

The Sony Bravia XR A80L is one of the best smart TVs money can buy. Available in four screen sizes, the A80L delivers great contrast and immersive sound. It comes with impressive streaming and gaming features, making it a multipurpose TV. It also packs environmentally-conscious features like dynamic backlight control, power saving mode, and display off mode.

Brand SONY Dimensions 13″D x 57.13″W x 34″H Resolution 4K Display Technology OLED Refresh Rate 120 HZ What’s Included Power Cable, Remote Control, AAA batteries, Stand HDR? Yes Pros

  • Bright, beautiful OLED screen
  • Powerful processing keeps images sharp
  • Comes with exclusive features for the PS5


  • OLED screen can have problems
  • A bit expensive

$1798 at Amazon $1800 at Sony $1800 at Best Buy

A newer model, the Sony Bravia XR A80L is a terrific smart TV that can handle streaming and gaming with minimal effort. It comes in four screen sizes (55″, 65″, 77″, and 83″), giving buyers a suite of options to choose from. No matter the screen size buyers opt for, every screen is built with OLED technology which promises pure black and vivid brightness always. Powered by Sony’s Cognitive Processor XR, this TV optimizes picture quality. With a 4K resolution, the Bravia XR A8oL will upscale the images of every content, no matter the original quality.

As a smart TV, it’s possible to watch one’s favorite shows and movies thanks to diverse streaming service options including Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Hulu. For a better Netflix experience, the A80L features an Adaptive Calibrated Mode which modifies a show’s picture brightness to fit the room’s lighting conditions. It’s also compatible with voice assistants like Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant. With Google Assistant, owners can efficiently manage their smart homes. Packing perks like a Variable Refresh Rate and Auto Low Latency Mode, gaming on the TV should be a blast.

TCL 85-inch QM8 TCL 85-inch QM8 Best Premium Smart TV$2198 $2800 Save $602

The TCL QM8 is an 85″ TV that features 4K visuals among other things. Buyers will enjoy better contrast and vivid colors thanks to the TV’s QLED technology and HDR Ultra. With Game Accelerator 240, this TV can get a refresh rate of up to 240 Hz. It is compatible with voice assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Brand TCL Dimensions 2.1″D x 74.6″W x 43″H Resolution 4K Refresh Rate 120 Hz Display Technology QLED What’s Included Remote Control, 2x Remote Control Batteries, Stand, Power Cable, Quick Start Guide VRR (Variable Refresh Rate) 240Hz HDR? Yes Pros

  • Offers a decent level of brightness
  • Comes with a game accelerator which can deliver a refresh rate of up to 240Hz
  • Comes with Google TV OS


  • Sound quality can be better given the hefty retail price
  • Offers inadequate viewing angles for TV shows

$2198 at Amazon

Intended for those unafraid to splurge on a new TV, the TCL QM8 is a flagship product that packs 4K ultra HD resolution among other features. Designed with QLED technology, this 85″ TV will deliver higher peak brightness (up to 2,000 nits) and precise color. Buyers also get to experience ultra contrast up to 2,300 local dimming zones without image blooming. An IMAX Enhanced Certification translates into greater resolution and superior sound.

With HDR Ultra, the TCL QM8 is perfect for streaming TV shows and movies on diverse platforms. With a built-in Google TV Smart OS, buyers can also enjoy hands-free voice control at any time. The QM8’s Auto Game Mode which comes with AMD FreeSync Premium Pro means gamers can experience low input lag for long periods. Although it has a native refresh rate of 120Hz, it can reach 240Hz thanks to the Game Accelerator 240 feature.

Hisense U8H QLED Series Quantum 4K Smart TV Hisense U8H QLED Series Quantum 4K Smart TV Best Smart TV For Streaming$650 $700 Save $50

The Hisense U8H QLED 55-Inch Mini-LED TV is an excellent mid-range TV offering that checks most of the boxes you could ask for a mid-range TV to offer while delivering a stellar performance at a price point that is much easier for most to budget around in 2023.

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Dimensions 3″D x 48.5″W x 28.2″H Brand Hisense Refresh Rate 120 Resolution 4K Pros

  • High quality display
  • Built-in Dolby sound system
  • Super convenient controls
  • Very Affordable


  • Often has issues after first year
  • Not as bright as OLED

$1013 at Amazon $648 at Walmart $650 at Best Buy

The Hisense U8H QLED Smart TV was made for streaming great shows and movies. Not every buyer wants to purchase one or more additional streaming devices to connect to a TV just to watch all types of content. The 4k visuals are immersive enough for gaming too, but with a plethora of content apps and intuitive controls, this QLED is among the best TVs for streaming.

Using mini-LED technology, the Hisense U8 takes advantage of lights that are 50x smaller than the lights traditional LED TV screens use, providing richer colors and sharper images in general. Plus, there’s built-in Dolby Vision HDR picture and Dolby Atmos sound that give off high-quality, realistic sounds, in case players don’t want to make their PC sound systems work double duty.

The only real downside to this TV is that the year-long warranty can sometimes be lacking. However, there are extended warranties available through nearly every retailer, but that will increase the total cost. That being said, this is one of the most affordable smart TVs around, especially considering the premium features, so the quality and convenience may be worth it to many users.

Samsung S90C OLED 4K Samsung S90C OLED 4K Best Smart TV for Gaming$1798 $2598 Save $800

The Samsung S90c packs some exciting gaming features for a smart TV. It supports streaming on platforms like Netflix, Apple TV+, and Xbox. It packs Samsung’s OLED technology along with 4K resolution and a native refresh rate of 120 Hz. Among its strong points are the Neural Quantum Processor with 4K Upscaling; Quantum HDR OLED, and Real Depth Enhancer. It features the Samsung Gaming Hub where gamers can play console games and check out game streaming apps. 

Brand Samsung Dimensions 10.5″D x 56.9″W x 35.3″H Resolution 4K Refresh Rate 120Hz Display Technology OLED HDR? Yes VRR (Variable Refresh Rate) 144Hz Pros

  • Vibrant colors produce realistic images
  • Comes with Samsung Gaming Hub
  • Works with Google Assistant and Alexa


  • Lacks Dolby Vision
  • Motion processing can be way better

$1798 at Amazon $1800 at Samsung $1800 at Best Buy

The Samsung S90C’s Neutral Quantum Processor ensures that buyers see their favorite show or movie in 4K no matter the content’s original quality. This is possible thanks to an AI-driven processor that also powers offerings like the Smart TV hub and Dolby Atmos. The S90C gets Q-Symphony 3.0, Samsung’s unique audio technology that allows the TV’s speakers to work with a soundbar to deliver a terrific listening experience.

Moving to its gaming features, the S90C features Motion Xcelerator Turbo Pro, a feature that provides 4K pictures for fast-paced games. Players can get a refresh rate of between 120 Hz and 144 Hz thanks to Game Motion Plus. Samsung’s intuitive Gaming Hub enables players can access their best game streaming apps and console games within one platform.

best tv television deals Toshiba 43-inch Class C350 Series LED 4K TV Best Cheap Smart TV$182 $330 Save $148

The Toshiba Class C350 Series LED 4K TV lets you view all your content in one place, thanks to Fire TV. Whether it’s live, over-the-air TV, streaming channels or your favorite apps, you can access them all on the home screen. The Regza Engine 4K, Toshiba’s high-performance 4K engine, combines ultra-essential PQ technology with a high-quality LCD panel to produce stunning picture quality.With four times the resolution of Full HD, the Toshiba 4K TV provides uncompromisingly crisp, clear visuals for a fully immersive experience. Dolby Vision HDR and HDR10 transform your TV into an entertainment powerhouse, offering an amazing realism that you’ll see, hear, and feel like never before.

Dimensions 2.9″D x 37.9″W x 22″H Brand Toshiba Refresh Rate 120 Resolution 4K Pros

  • 4K resolution looks great
  • Decent audio quality
  • No frills TV streaming and gaming allows easy setup
  • Super affordable


  • Really difficult to customize software
  • Watching movies in HDR is awful

$182 at Best Buy See at Amazon $280 at eBay

Toshiba has long been a trusted name in affordable electronics, and their budget TVs in particular have been awesome options for people looking to save. The Class C350 Series LED 4K smart TV uses Fire TV to collect all the top streaming apps and over-the-air TV into one convenient package. While there isn’t an easy way to connect an account from Google or Apple, there also isn’t any need to do so; this smart TV can work right out of the box with little to no setup.

Offering 4K resolution, connectivity with Alexa, and an accessible home screen, Toshiba’s C350 series has everything that makes smart TVs special at an extremely low price. Compared to some smaller budget monitors without smart apps, this Toshiba set has obvious appeal even to gamers. Although the software can be a bit challenging, and its durability is questionable, the Toshiba C350 is the best smart TV under $500, and it’s currently on sale for less than $300.

best tv deals february 2023 VIZIO 50-inch MQX Series Premium 4K TV Best Budget Smart TV$480 $630 Save $150

This Vizio MQX Series 4K television comes with a 50-inch display panel make with QLED technology. The Quantum Color technology allows increased color performance in a 4K resolution with the use of Active Full Array Backlight technology and local dimming. The TV supports Dolby Vision HDR and HDR10+ for vibrant high dynamic range content.Vizio’s smart TV platform allows easy access to millions of titles from popular streaming channels and other apps. With Vizio WatchFree+, there’s also over 250 live streaming channels for free.

Brand Vizio Dimensions 10″D x 43.8″W x 25.5″H Refresh rate 120Hz Display Size 50″ Display Resolution 4K Pros

  • Voice-control available on the remote
  • Compatible with WiFi 6E
  • Great 4k resolution and perfect 1080p display
  • Can connect with Bluetooth headphones


  • Vizio Software is problematic
  • One less HDMI port than most other smart TVs

$480 at Amazon $480 at Best Buy

Vizio is a fan favorite for gamers looking to get a smart TV that is just one step above the best budget options. This TV is super easy to use, with a really helpful remote that even offers voice control. Although the sound quality isn’t top-notch with this TV, it’s decent enough for most shows and movies, plus the Bluetooth connectivity makes it easy to use an awesome gaming headset to really get immersed in a scene.

The connectivity to other software and apps really helps bolster Vizio’s smart TV. Features like Wi-Fi 6E compatibility, AMD FreeSync Premium, VRR, and Dolby Vision make this really affordable smart TV seems like a much higher-end device. It’s especially impressive considering that the visual quality can be dropped from 4k to 1080p to lower latency and the display still looks amazing.

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That being said, sometimes Vizio’s own software can lag and prompt a restart, so this may not be one of the best TVs for streaming reliably. Still, there aren’t many complaints about this smart TV otherwise even if the software isn’t flawless. It’s a great option for players looking for something simple and inexpensive that only has the most important bells and whistles.

best tv deals february 2023 SAMSUNG 75-Inch Class Neo QN85B 4K TV Best Large Screen Smart TV$1700 $2000 Save $300

This Samsung NEO QN85B television comes with a large 75-inch display that supports 4K resolution. The Quantum Mini LED technology allows a super-precise picture with even more impressive colors and contrast. The Neo Quantum Processor uses AI-based deep learning to upscale content to 4K.The TV has an improved high dynamic range with Quantum HDR 24X and Dolby Atmos sound support. Not only is the display sharp, but it is also excellent for gaming, thanks to the maximum refresh rate of 120 Hz. 

Brand Samsung Dimensions 44.2 x 73.9 x 7.8 inches Refresh rate 120 Hz Pros

  • Good value among larger TVs
  • Very bright and ideal for rooms with large windows
  • Slim design
  • Excellent response time makes it great for gaming


  • Tizen software has taken a step backwards
  • No Dolby Vision

See at Amazon $1700 at Best Buy $2780 at Walmart

OLED TVs are undoubtedly the most sought-after type of modern display, but their expense really skyrockets when looking for an ultra-large TV. The Samsung Neo QN85B is a more affordable option with a 75-inch screen size available. Powered by an almost never-ending amount of Quantum Mini LEDs, the extensive number of lighting zones in the QN85B allows the smart TV to produce an excellent range of colors and superior contrast. The Mini LED technology also contributes to the remarkably slim profile of the Samsung set, which almost disappears when glancing at it from its sides.

Another advantage that the Samsung Neo QN85B has over most OLED panels is its performance in bright rooms. The collective brightness of the smart TV is almost overwhelming but is appreciated when ambient light is flooding through windows, and it repels distracting reflections. Thanks to a fairly high contrast level, the Neo QN85B also looks more than fine in a darker room, though viewers might experience blooming effects around bright objects. Unfortunately, while the TV’s Quantum HDR 24X technology enables it to display a wide color palette, the more accepted Dolby Vision remains unsupported.

Gaming on a 75-inch screen is a far more impact experience than when playing popular PC and console titles on a smaller OLED gaming monitor. The Samsung Neo QN85B is capable of 120 Hz refresh rates and also is compatible with G-Sync and Free Sync for the smoothest possible gaming performance. In addition, with the Gaming Hub, it’s simple for gamers to access streaming games and content from services like Xbox Game Pass, GeForce Now, and Luna. The Tizen-based software on the QN85B is once again feature-packed with an endless collection of streaming apps. However, content suggestions now take up most of the viewing area, and the responsiveness of the interface has taken a step backward.

With a larger smart TV, it almost seems like a crime not to pair it with an adequate soundbar or surround sound speaker system. The Neo GN85B makes a valid attempt to meet the audio needs of buyers without additional equipment. Even so, the TV includes Dolby Atmos support with Q-Symphony which combines the power of a separate soundbar with its internal TV speakers.

The Samsung Neo QN85B is an excellent value in its 75-inch variation, providing the wow of a big screen in bright living rooms and dark theater rooms. Despite some surprising disappointment with its upgraded software, the QN85B is among the best TVs for streaming in a large form factor.

Samsung QN900B 8K Smart TV Samsung Neo QN900B 65-inch QLED 8K TV Best 8K Smart TV

Thanks to its Infinity edge-to-edge screen, a bezel is nearly a thing of the past with the Samsung Neo QN600B QLED 8K TV. Samsung’s unique Slim One Connect box also keeps unsightly cables out of the sight of viewers.Watching cutting-edge 8K content takes serious processing power, but the QN600B is prepared with its Neural Quantum Processor, which also does an excellent job upscaling older content. The QN600B is a dream for gamers, offering a rare 144Hz refresh rate option for PC users. 

Dimensions 32.3 x 56.4 x .7 inches Display Technology QLED Brand Samsung Refresh Rate 120 Hz Resolution 8K Pros

  • Nearly invisible bezels
  • Does adequate job upscaling content to 8K
  • Supports 144Hz for PC gaming
  • Reduced light blooming


  • Limited 8K content available
  • Slow moving scenes sometimes stutter

See at Amazon $5000 at Samsung

Gamers always have to experience the latest and greatest in tech, so it’s no surprise that 8K monitors are becoming more commonplace. Sadly, even the beefiest graphics cards will struggle to render games at this resolution, and it ultimately may be movies that first take advantage of the added pixels. There is some 8K content available already, especially on YouTube, and the Samsung Neo QN600B QLED 8K lets viewers get a glimpse of the future at a less-than-astronomical asking price.

When first glancing at the Neo QN600B, what’s noticeable most is what is missing. The front side of the smart TV is nearly void of any bezel at all, a product of Samsung’s Infinity edge-to-edge screen. To maintain the minimalist theme, buyers also have at their disposal an external Slim One Connect box for cable routing that is easily hidden.

With the Neo QN600B QLED 8K, Samsung utilizes the same massive collection of Quantum Mini LEDs as seen in many of its other Smart TVs. These tiny LED lights combine to output a blinding bright picture, as well as allow for the finer details in high-resolution images to remain visible. To process 8K content, the Neo QN600B has an upgraded Neural Quantum Processor which also effectively upscales older content to 8K. The increased processing power also reduces light blooming which is the distracting halo-type effect often seen around bright objects in darker scenes.

Even at 4K and lower resolutions, the Samsung Neo QN600B QLED is an excellent option for PC and console gamers. Console users will appreciate the available 120 Hz refresh rate, but PC gamers can benefit now from the smart TV’s rare 144 Hz capability. Samsung credits its Motion Xcelerator Turbo Pro technology for generating frames at a blistering pace without the TV breaking a sweat. For other types of content like movies and TV, however, viewers will occasionally notice some choppiness with cameras panning in slow-moving scenes.

The usual extensive library of Smart TV apps is present with the QN600B as well as the Gaming Hub which makes it convenient to access all sorts of streaming gaming services.

It’s still a question when 8K media will become more mainstream, but with the Samsung Neo QN600B QLED, buyers are ready for whatever comes around in the next several years. Considering its bezel-less design, superior brightness, and support for 144 Hz, the Samsung Neo QN600B QLED reigns supreme over all the other best TVs for streaming 8K content.

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best tv deals february 2023 Sony 65-Inch X95K Series 4K TV Best Sound Quality Smart TV$2000 $2200 Save $200

This Sony X95K Series TV comes with a 65-inch Mini LED display panel that is capable of 4K Ultra HD resolution. The Cognitive Processor XR allows better color reproduction with deeper blacks, better brightness, and more natural colors.According to Sony, this TV is perfect for PlayStation 5 thanks to the exclusive Bravia XR features and an input lag of just 8.5 milliseconds. Via the HDMI 2.1 output, the TV supports up to 120 Hz refresh rate. It also supports Auto HDR Tone Mapping and Auto Genre Picture Switch features.

Brand Sony Dimensions 56.87 x 32.87 x 2.37 inches Operating System Google TV Refresh rate 120 Hz Pros

  • Class-leading audio capabilities
  • Google TV OS is feature-packed and responsive
  • Handles fast-moving scenes effortlessly
  • Limited glare thanks to its ample brightness


  • Only 2 of 4 HDMI inputs are HDMI 2.1
  • Viewing angles aren’t the best

$1998 at Amazon $2000 at Best Buy

Sound is too often an afterthought for buyers who are shopping for a new smart TV. Frankly, many people are better off using a cheap set of PC speakers rather than relying on a flat-panel TV for sound. In many ways, the Sony Bravia X95K sets the standard for what audio features are possible in a TV. Even if a gamer wants to compliment the X95K with a soundbar or surround sound speaker system, this TV outputs an impressive soundscape.

Without additional equipment, there are numerous features that result in punchy bass, and positional audio that a listener would hardly expect from a thin TV. XR Sound Position takes advantage of the Sony X95K’s strategically placed tweeters to ensure that sounds match where the action is happening in scenes. Similarly, XR Surround is able to direct audio effects upwards, simulating the effects of ceiling-mounted Dolby Atmos speakers. Buyers who opt to use the X95K with a soundbar will enjoy Acoustic Center Sync which works in conjunction with the TV to output crystal-clear dialogue in center channels.

Beyond its impressive audio capabilities, the Sony X95K is an excellent Smart TV in terms of picture quality as well. Sony has developed a Cognitive Processor which works with mini LED lights to display an exceedingly wide color gamut and handle the fastest-moving scenes avoiding annoying blur. The X95K deals with reflections admirably, although it’s not the best option for rooms where some viewers are sitting well to the sides of the display.

It seems no matter which OS a smart TV uses, some buyers will never be happy. The X95K is a full-blown Google TV device, replicating the same experience as using an Android phone or tablet on a big screen. Google TV won’t win any fans in the iPhone camp, but it’s hard to rail against the collection of streaming and gaming apps that are regularly updated alongside their mobile counterparts. The ability to make use of voice commands with the Google Assistant is also a nice bonus, allowing viewers to find and watch content with minimal use of a remote control.

The Sony Bravia X95K is of course a tempting smart TV to pair with a PS5, especially with VRR and a 120 Hz refresh rate enabled. However, the TV offers HDMI 2.1 required for these features on only 2 of 4 HDMI ports, so gamers with multiple consoles or the latest 4K Blu-ray players may soon run out of inputs. Even so, the Bravia X95K is the best smart TV for buyers who think powerful and dynamic sound is just as important as breathtaking visuals.

Making the Smart TV Buying Decision

Making the Smart TV Buying Decision

The most popular Smart TVs in North America are made by a relatively small group of manufacturers. Still, each company produces TVs with such a wide range of screen sizes, panel types, and gaming-specific features that it makes deciding on the right one for a specific buyer problematic.

The conventional wisdom is that few buyers ever regret buying too big of a TV unless there is just no possible way to fit it in a space. Even if a person purchases an extra-large display like the Samsung 75-Inch Class Neo QN85B, it’s the sheer size of the screen that makes the viewing experience the most memorable. Buyers can still benefit from the 4K resolution and HDR compatibilities of a budget smart TV like the 43-inch Toshiba C350 but will need to be seated fairly close to the display for an optimal viewing distance.

The type of panel technology that a smart TV uses not only has an effect on its pricetag, but also what setting a display best excels in. OLED TVs such as the Sony BRAVIA XR A80K produce stunning displays with unparalleled color accuracy and black levels, but the brilliance of these displays tends to get washed out in bright living rooms. Meanwhile, QLED and Mini LED options including the SAMSUNG 75-Inch Class Neo QN85B, generally can’t match the performance of an OLED set in a dark theater room but are versatile enough to excel in both bright and dark environments.

Finally, most of the smart TVs in this guide are fine choices for gaming on consoles and PCs, but some sets support the very latest graphical advantages. The Samsung S95B Series Quantum enables gamers to play some of their favorite titles at 120 Hz with VRR for the smoothest framerates possible. This TV also offers capabilities like a gaming hub that combines various game streaming services in one easy-to-navigate interface.

Depending on what specific features are needed, different smart TVs will work best for different people. However, most users will enjoy the superior processors and other specs found in the Sony Bravia XR A80L 4K smart TV. It has the streaming services everyone wants and delivers some of the highest-quality visuals available.


Q: What exactly does a smart TV do?

Smart TVs work like smartphones, streaming content from apps and connected devices like consoles and headphones. Smart TVs make it possible to stream content without a dedicated streaming device.

Q: Does a smart TV need Wi-Fi?

Yes, smart TVs require an internet connection in order to work and many models no longer feature a port for an ethernet cable, although some budget and high-end models still do.

Q: What is OLED?

OLED is the next advancement in visual quality. Unlike LED, which relies on backlit pixels, OLED monitors each pixel individually, allowing for richer colors and a significant reduction in lag.

Q: Which is better 4K OLED or LED?

4 OLED is better than LED, but it is still fairly new. This means that it is still quite a bit more expensive than LED TVs and there have been some issues reported with the lifespan of these screens.

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