Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead: Zombie Shark

What if Akira was a hero and had to fight a shark?


  • The delay in the release of Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead Episode 5 is concerning, leading to speculations about future episode delays.
  • In the latest episode, Akira fulfills his childhood dream of becoming a hero and saves survivors from a group of track-and-field zombies.
  • The introduction of a zombie shark adds a new danger to the show, highlighting Akira’s courage and the importance of teamwork.



Warning: The following contains spoilers for Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead Episode 5, “Hero of the Dead”, now streaming on Netflix & Crunchyroll.

Much like before fans had to wait to enjoy the latest episode of Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead due to production delays from the studio. This does set a concerning tone for the summer anime since this is the second delay of the season leading some to speculate about future episodes. Hopefully, with the longer delay for this episode, the studio will be able to catch back up otherwise fans might have to grapple with periodic episodes delays.

Until the next episode comes out fans will just have to speculate on this and enjoy the latest episode Hero of the Dead. Following in line with the previous episode Akira is making it his mission to remember his childhood dreams. Coincidentally it was a dream that reminded him of his childhood superhero, Akiraiger. Except being a hero is harder than Akria remembers, especially when you must save a group of people from a zombie shark.

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Episode Breakdown

Zom-100-episode-5- zombie shark

As mentioned, Akira’s latest goal is to become a hero to fulfill his childhood dream. Kencho (now with dyed blonde hair) like many watching may find this goal silly considering what Akira would be fighting, zombies. However, after researching online Akira has found the perfect suit to complete his Akiraiger look. By utilizing a diving suit that is created to prevent shark bites, Akira can get up close to the zombies and avoid being bitten. Well he’ll still get bitten, but they’re teeth will be unable to break through the suit.

Nearby the aquarium Akira and Kencho are at a group of survivors race off a bus due to one of the group having turned into a zombie. With a group of track-and-field zombies chasing them this is Akira’s chance to live out his dream. Akira is successful in saving the survivors who made it to the aquarium but spots the unnamed woman from episode two. Play hero probably wasn’t the best way to impress her. Especially after her long explanation into Akira’s goals of being a hero are pointless and show his low self-esteem.

As irritating as what she said Akira understands where she is coming from. Him attempting to be a hero for strangers placed Kencho at risk. Along with this Akira doesn’t really know what it means to be a hero. Of course, before Akira is able to consider this thought for to long a loud noise startles the group. In crazy zombie fashion it is a zombie shark utilizing the legs of the zombie divers it had devoured. During the chaos the group must keep running not only from the terrifying zombie shark with legs, but the zombie fish and normal zombies littered throughout the aquarium. Just when Kencho and Akira believe it is safe they realize that they lost the unnamed woman. Unlike before where Akira was living out a dream to be a hero he must now truly become a hero for someone he cares for, even if he doesn’t know her name.

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With the help of Kencho and the unnamed woman’s knowledge on sharks the trio are able to stop the zombie shark. They end up leaving the rest of the group to get out on their own, but with the emergency exit the group has a straight shot out. While leaving Kencho and Akira invite Miss Risk Analysor to join them, but she declines to join them, but does give Akria her contact information. Finally, both Akira and the viewers know her name, Shizuka Mikazuki.

Zombie Shark

Zom 100 Akira and Shizuka

The latest episode finally gives viewers a look into other kinds of dangers Akira and the other will be facing. Only, most probably didn’t guess zombie shark with human feet. Now it’s not unheard of to utilize sharks in a zombie film. Famous Manga horror writer Junji Ito had half zombie shark half machine in his story Gyo. At first seeing zombified fish and sharks seem insane and almost like the show jumped the shark. Then again it also tracks nicely with absurd zombie that can be found in many other franchises. Then why utilize a shark?

The first reason is that sharks are terrifying, second is that Akira needed to find his suit and the best place was the aquarium, so the setting called for it. Most importantly the shark was hard to fight off but not impossible. The episode was about Akira being a hero, but viewers have seen Akira’s heroic acts almost every episode. Instead, this episode was more about Shizuka and her continuing to realize that working with others isn’t a bad idea. She also finally saw how caring and fearless Akira is to everyone. She views them as strangers, but Akira cares for her and doesn’t believe there has to be a reason to save people. Surviving doesn’t mean you need to be alone and Shizuka is learning that with the help of Kencho and Akira. Thankfully Akira does have her contact information so viewers will be seeing more of her in future episodes.

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Until then fans can stream Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead on Netflix & Crunchyroll.

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