Bleach: 15 Strongest Female Characters, Ranked

Discover which of the Bleach girls pack the most power behind their punches and who to look out for in the Thousand Year Blood War.

While Bleach may be a rather male-dominated Shonen storyline, the ladies are still given their chance to shine, and not all of them are simply distressed manic pixie dream girls but can actually hold their own on the battlefield. Tite Kobe may have provided plenty of pretty faces for fans to gawk at, but he also gifted these girls with amazing capabilities in the process. Now that the Thousand Year Blood War is underway, it’s time for these lovely ladies to get back into action and (for some) reveal their true potential along the way!

Updated on February 23, 2023, by Levana Chester-Londt: Some of Bleach’s strongest female characters will finally get to bulk up their screentime with some well-deserved recognition in the Thousand Year Blood War, after being shunned to the side for most of the series thus far.

These girl-powered secret weapons become pivotal plot devices in the fight against Yhwach’s formidable forces, which have a mighty team of villainesses of their own to add to the mix! Discover which of the Bleach girls get in on the action as the Quincy War rages on, spilling blood on all sides as the epic tale draws to a close.



15 Rangiku Matsumoto

Bleach: Strongest Female Characters, Ranked Rangiku Matsumoto

The majestic Matsumoto may have the biggest set of… lungs in the series; however, she is not just another ditsy bimbo, particularly when the swords come out. This quick-witted temptress proves capable of taking on all three highly-skilled Tres Bestias single-handedly while waiting for reinforcements, and she might have been victorious if Ayon hadn’t rocked up unexpectedly.

Matsumoto’s Shikai works similarly to Senbonzakura, whereby her Zanpakuto disintegrates into a cloud of deceptive ash, with each controllable cindered particle independently acting as a razor-sharp blade. This stunning 10th Division Lieutenant is also skilled at hand-to-hand combat, seeing as Haineko is not always reliable (particularly when it’s moody!)

14 Nanao Ise

Bleach strongest females Nanao Ise

Shunsui Kyōraku’s lieutenant has been left to fade into the background more often than not; however, since her Captain’s promotion in the Thousand Year Blood War, her role has subsequently become more predominant. Nanao perfectly balances Shunsui’s nonchalant, laid-back attitude and can strike fear into the hearts of those who oppose her simply by removing her glasses and delivering a terrifyingly memorable death stare.

Unfortunately, Nanao struggled to form a bond with an Asauchi and therefore has limited capabilities wielding her Zanpakuto; however, she more than makes up for this with her impeccable Kidō skills. Nevertheless, she is the rightful owner of Shinken Hakkyōken by birth, whose incredible powers will finally get showcased as the Quincy War intensifies.

13 Soifon (aka Suì-Fēng)

Soifon Aiming Her Bankai

While Soifon’s arrogance isn’t necessarily winning her any popularity competitions, the 2nd Division Captain prioritizes her skills over her social status, which has evidently paid off. As the Onmitsukidō (Covert Ops) leader, the stealthy Soifon is a role model to many and has almost reached her beloved mentor, Yoruichi’s level of expertise in combat.

Her bee-like, venomous Suzumebachi takes only two strikes to annihilate the enemy with its Shikai (so long as Soifon’s accuracy doesn’t falter); however, she mostly avoids using her oversized Bankai, only releasing Jakuhō Raikōben’s bulking form as a last resort. She does, however, whip out her Bankai at the most inopportune time, allowing it to get stolen by the masked BG9, leaving her with only her Kidō and combat skills to depend on for the time being.

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12 Tier Harribel

Tier Harribel aka Lady Halibel Resurrección Bleach

Hueco Mundo couldn’t be in better hands with Lady Halibel as its de-facto Queen, who is fighting to create a sanctuary of sorts for her fellow Hollow residents. The former 3rd Espada (and Vasto-Lorde class Menos) is one of few females to make an impression on Lord Aizen, as she is the only woman in his army with any significant authority (as Neliel’s replacement).

Harribel’s aqua-manipulating Resurrección is potent enough to give the infamous Tōshirō Hitsugaya a run for his money while her perceptive, analytical skills often help to formulate the perfect strategy to take down her opponent. She has multiple water-fueled tactics hidden up her sleeve and can even melt her enemy’s frosty attacks at will. Sadly, she is currently being held hostage by Yhwach’s forces in Wandenreich, while his Sternritters attempt to take over Heuco Mundo in her absence, leaving her loyal Tres Bestias to fight in her honor.

11 Nemu Kurotsuchi

Bleach strongest female characters Nemu Kurotsuchi

Another wallflower who will finally receive some well-deserved attention in the Thousand Year Blood War is Mayuri’s hand-crafted “daughter,” who is basically an advanced form of Gigai and Gikon technology. The submissive and mysterious Nemu is essentially invincible, as the mad scientist can simply piece her back together when necessary.

Much like her master, Nemu has been turned into a cybernetic weapon, with various gadgets and superhuman enhancements at her disposal, such as her nifty hand drills. Although she does not have a Zanpakuto of her own, her assaults can be further magnified via her Soul Slicing technique, which, for obvious reasons, cannot be overused.

10 Meninas McAllon

Bleach strongest female characters Meninas McAllon

Fans caught a glimpse of Menins’ adorable face in the Thousand Year Blood War, looking rather out of place amongst all the bloodshed and destruction. This pink-haired cutie successfully takes Rukia out of commission after the rude Shinigami gets distracted mid-battle and dishonors Meninas with her inattentiveness; a decision Rukia quickly regrets.

The anime has barely scratched the surface of Meninas’ power so far; however, it is likely safe to reveal that she favors the traditional bow-and-arrow Heilig Bogen during battle, and, when it comes to hand-to-hand combat, Meninas is much stronger than she looks!

9 Bambietta Basterbine

Bleach Best Dressed Quincy Bambietta Basterbine The Explode Sternritter Thousand Year Blood War Arc

Sajin Komamura has the misfortune of running into Bambietta Basterbine during the Soul Society invasion, setting himself up to get his Bankai stolen. Bambietta may be small in stature, but she should never be underestimated, as her explosive sadistic disposition is sure to leave its mark.

Bambietta has a unique way of manipulating Reishi by seemingly creating energy grenades, which cause an explosive side effect the moment they make contact with any target. When not bombing the enemy, she favors a short sword with a forked tip and has an impressive pair of Vollständig wings for added strength and maneuverability.

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8 Candice Catnipp

Bleach Best Dressed Quincy Candice Catnipp Sternritter Thousand Year Blood War Arc

As the strongest Sternritter lady around, Candice does her best to represent the Quincy girls and does a pretty good job overall. Her lightning-fast reflexes are matched only by her electrified attacks, which are delivered with enough intensity to incapacity an entire group of Shinigami, simultaneously.

Candice’s lightning manipulation abilities are enhanced even further during her Vollständig, whereby she also gains the power of flight (and several other nifty tricks to still be revealed in the Thousand Year Blood War).

7 Orihime Inoue

Bleach: Orihime Inhoue's Strongest Spirits Shun Shun Rikka

This red-headed cutie may act like a typical damsel in distress; however, she is more than capable of holding her own on the battlefield (well, with a little help, that is). The blue floral hairpins that Orihime always wears actually house six Spirits, collectively known as Shun Shun Rikka, which can be called upon at will to perform various offensive, defensive, and “healing” magic.

The potency of these “fairies” directly correlates to Orihime’s emotional state at the time, so if she lacks drive, anger, or killing intent, her attacks will fall short. Therefore, she predominantly relies on her shields and time-reversal skills during combat, acting as the perfect support for her team.

6 Rukia Kuchiki

Bleach Rukia Kuchiki of the Gotei 13

While Rukia’s Zanpakuto is nothing to laugh at, it’s the girl’s flawless Kidō talents that her foes truly need to worry about! The young warrior had already proved herself sufficient in the arts of Kidō before enrolling at the Shinigami Academy, where she proceeded to take a leaf out of her brother’s book by prioritizing these weapon-free spellcasting skills.

In terms of her weaponry, Sode no Shirayuki is not an ice-creating Zanpakuto per se, as it essentially functions to lower Rukia’s core body temperature to absolute zero. This subsequently imbues her with the ability to instantly freeze anything she touches (with her sword or her body) and has quite an extensive range. Thankfully, Rukia manages to maintain a firm grip on her Bankai during the Quincy’s invasion, although she mightn’t have survived the ordeal without Tenjirō Kirinji’s intense medical treatment.

5 Kirio Hikifune

Bleach Royal Guard Kirio Hikifune

The Royal Guard, aka Squad Zero, makes its big debut in the aftermath of the Soul Society invasion, to whisk the injured away for some much-needed repair work (Shinigami and Zankpakuto alike). As the “Ruler of Grain,” Kirio is a feeder of note and is happiest when bellies are being filled with scrumptious, Reiatsu-revitalising treats of her own creation, which she adequately names ‘Soul Candy.’

In a bizarre twist, it turns out that Kirio actually produces the Reiatsu that fuels her food, which has a slimming after-effect (that must be rectified before cooking can commence again.) Kirio was once the Shinigami scientist in charge before Urahara took the reins, and is the mastermind behind the concept and creation of artificial souls (Gikon).

4 Masaki Kurosaki

Bleach strongest female characters Masaki Kurosaki

The Kurosaki skeletons have finally fallen out of the closet, revealing Ichigo’s surprising lineage in the process. As it turns out, his deceased mother was once a renowned pureblooded Quincy combatant whose Blut capabilities were more impressive than the average Reishi-wielding warrior. Due to her high status, Masaki was often warned to stay out of harm’s way; however, she was determined to use her powers for good, which Isshin is still very grateful for, to this day.

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Even without much combat experience, Masaki managed to take out the potent Hollow, White, with just one blow, after using herself as bait to lure the creature closer. Once in position, Masaki ignored any pain and drove her weapon home, inadvertently absorbing his Hollow “particles.” Long story short, this pureblooded “princess” lived a relatively normal life with her family in the Human Realm, until an unfortunate accident with a Grand Fischer extinguished Masaki’s light from the world.

3 Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck

Bleach Nel's Fraccion Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck aka Nel Tu Former No 3 Espada

Despite her cute and squishy appearance, this adorable toddler is a formidable force in disguise, as Nel is actually a fully-grown superpowered Arrancar who previously held the 3rd rank in Aizen’s Espada Army. While most feel the need to protect the child-like Hollow, when things get really hairy, Neliel’s true form bursts forth, lance and all! (in her Resurrección state, that is).

The peace-loving beauty has an aversion to conflict and would prefer to keep her Zanpakuto sheathed; however, when push comes to shove, she shows little mercy. Invoking the essence of a centaur, Neliel launches her lance at a breakneck speed, converting it into an oversized drill bit that any foe would struggle to evade.

2 Yoruichi Shihōin

Yoruichi Shihoin in Bleach

This shapeshifting Shinigami may have been booted out of the Gotei 13, but that is in no way a reflection on her skills (and has everything to do with Aizen’s treachery!) Yoruichi is not a big fan of using her Zanpakuto and would rather rely on her superhuman Shinigami capabilities, and has subsequently mastered the arts of Kidō, Shunkō, and Hakuda.

Yoruichi is also known for being the Flash Step Goddess because her Shunpo skills are so speedy that she appears to materialize out of thin air and somehow single-handedly surround the enemy. This alluring assassin has another, more advanced feline form, which is due to be revealed in the Thousand Year Blood War.

1 Retsu Unohana

Unohana As the First Captain Of Squad 11

As the Captain of the 4th Division, Unohana’s main responsibility has been around the health and safety of her fellow Shinigami (and anyone else in need). By relying on her extensive knowledge of spirit energy and Kidō, this soft-natured “shaman” can heal most wounds with minimal effort. Unohana is also quite capable of going on the offensive with Hadō and Bakudō spellwork, while her incredible sword skills should not be taken lightly. Minazuki is Unohana’s giant flying manta ray Zanpakuto (in its Shikai form) which is perfect for safely transporting many passengers and has the added ability to remedy the occupants of its belly.

Uhohana’s bitter-sweet Bankai reveal shocked most anime fans across the globe, as she makes quick work of defeating the all-powerful Zaraki Kenpachi with seemingly minimal effort and a bloodthirsty grin upon her face. Minazuki fills the room with a red plasma which she can manipulate at will, while Unohana uses her healing capabilities to keep her foe tinkering on the end of death, prolonging their suffering and her joy, simultaneously. In order to pass on the #1 Swordsman title, Unohana sacrifices herself so that the next great Kenpachi can take over when Yhwach rears his ugly head once again.

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