Dragon Ball: What Makes The Cell Saga Perfect

Despite its original intention never sticking around for too long, the Cell Saga had its own perfections that made it an important mainstay to fans.


  • The Cell Saga in Dragon Ball Z is considered the perfect storyline due to its well-developed character arcs, the introduction of an unbeatable villain, and its climactic showdown.
  • Cell’s presence as the perfect villain is foreshadowed and he is portrayed as biologically dangerous, clever, and methodical, making him a formidable enemy for the Z-Fighters.
  • The highlight of the Cell Saga is Gohan’s transformation and fight against Cell, which is considered the culmination of his character development and showcases the build-up from prior arcs. This battle is a pivotal moment in the series and contributes to the perfection of the Cell Saga.



Dragon Ball Z has provided three individually impressive stories during its run. However, it is the Cell Saga where the true threats arise from Earth, as well as the perfected character arcs, the perfect villain, and the perfect send off. Ranging from Gohan’s potential, to Cell’s introduction, to the climactic showdown. What exactly makes this important to the story of Dragon Ball Z, and why the Cell Saga contributes to its perfection?

When it comes down to it, there are four key points to focus on. Specifically regarding two characters, one intention to end the series there, and finally the culmination of a characters arc within this story. The Cell Saga starts a bit later but is a culmination of a greater threat that holds the most character traits of his predecessors. Gohan’s growth shows amazing progress, but the villain that is Cell also demonstrates the feeling of an unbeatable foe.

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Cell’s Presence And Charisma

Dragon Ball Z Three Forms Of Cell

To start off, it bears mentioning that Cell as a monster was foreshadowed and hinted at during the Androids’ saga as cities worth of people disappeared all throughout the world. This detail may be small, but it served to introduce the audience to the perfect villain of the series so far, one who’s biologically dangerous as it consumes people with its stinger and so much smarter as well as clever when it comes to fighting his opponents with their own moves. Cell is the embodiment of everything the Z-Fighters have culminated through skill, and Cell perfectly replicates their abilities due to his genetic nature as well as built-in experience. This makes him so much more dangerous than so many people might initially think at first, and as he absorbs the androids and transforms into different forms; his charisma and overall strength and personality shine through to make him a much more methodical villain.

Part of what makes Cell succeed as a villain, imperfect, semi-perfect, or perfect, is due to his more cunning, methodical, if also arrogantly patient personality. Despite his intentions being that to achieve perfection, even at the costs of other lives; unlike Frieza, Cell has the battle-drive of a Saiyan as he shares the same cells of Goku and Vegeta, which is what made the Cell Games possible as opposed to Cell just destroying the world and ending the arc right then and there. Cell organized an organic motivation and tournament that replicated mostly what his Saiyan cells dictated he does. The interesting part of him is that he represents the negative aspects of Goku and Vegeta’s Saiyan pride, which is shown especially during the fights between him and Goku, and eventually later on with his final fight versus Gohan. Overall, his presence means certain doom and is challenged by the next generation in the form of Gohan, which leads to the height of the arc and importantly two other characters that haven’t been mentioned. Vegeta’s arc of slow redemption and turning point in his character., and Gohan’s potential from his transformation to Super Saiyan 2.

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Why Gohan’s Climactic Battle Contributed To Perfection

Dragon Ball - Gohan Super Saiyan 2

To say that the highlight of the Cell Saga is Gohan’s transformation and fight against Cell is an understatement. The sequence of events which lead to Gohan witnessing 16’s death, transforming into Super Saiyan 2, and ultimately defeating Cell with a powerful Kamehameha; are all huge parts of what makes the Cell Arc perfect in many fans eyes and experience of Dragon Ball Z. However, the climactic battle works so well not just because of the events that happened in this arc, but because of the build up from prior arcs. Showing Gohan’s initial passiveness and fear in the Saiyan Saga, his courage and willingness to grow strong in the Frieza Saga, and finally him accepting his role as Earth’s protector and realizing his true strength when the chips are down. The build-up is what allows the Cell Saga to reach peak heights of story telling.

Of course, Vegeta’s own development across the series need not be forgotten, despite it not playing as huge a focus in the cell arc as many come to expect of it to. Thankfully, the Cell Saga has been proven to be a potential send off to the series, and especially with Gohan’s growth and story. Thanks to this detail, the Cell Saga has stuck with many individuals as the arc where Dragon Ball Z could be considered at its peak of the series. Overall, the Dragon Ball Z anime has proven itself to have its own perfected Sagas, and the Cell Saga demonstrates this in spades.

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