Boruto: Every New Timeskip Design, Ranked

The long anticipated return of Boruto is finally here, here are the characters’ designs after the Timeskip in Two Blue Vortex.


  • Boruto: Two Blue Vortex chapter 1 delivered on fans’ expectations with new character designs for the majority of their favorite characters.
  • Shikadai, Inojin, and Kawaki’s character designs underwent subtle changes, while Chocho’s outfit and growth impressed fans.
  • Boruto’s new outfit resembling Sasuke’s is seen as an interesting character design choice, while Sarada’s heels are deemed unnecessary. Himawari’s design is praised as one of the best in the story so far.



Boruto recently returned from its timeskip with an incredible chapter and fans were blessed with new character designs for the vast majority of their favorite characters. With the story entering a completely new era, with a completely new manga, there was a lot that the fans were expecting and, thankfully, Boruto: Two Blue Vortex chapter 1 delivered.

While fans did not get to see the character design of every single main character in Boruto, the vast majority of them did end up in the first chapter and made quite an impression, for better or for worse.

9 Shikadai

Shikadai Inojin boruto two blue vortex

Shikadai Nara is the son of Shikamaru and fans know him to be one of the brightest ninjas in Konoha. While he did not end up playing any major role in the first part of Boruto, fans did get an early look at him in Two Blue Vortex.

His character design appears to be the least changed one and compared to the others, he doesn’t look like he grew all that much, which is rather weird. Even his physical appearance is mostly the same, however, he did get an outfit change.

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8 Inojin

Inojin boruto two blue vortex

Inojin is the son of Ino and Sai, and certainly one of the most skilled ninjas from the next generation. When it comes to his significance to the story, however, he is largely irrelevant. Unlike Shikadai, Inojin appears to have grown a tiny bit, however, still, the changes are not all that significant.

Fans can tell that not much effort was given to his character design and the most noticeable thing about him is his new hairstyle which readers have not been the biggest fans of. That said, fans can only hope that he plays an important role in the future of the story.

7 Chocho

Chocho Himawari boruto two blue vortex

Chocho is one of the better designs in Boruto: Two Blue Vortex. Fans got to see her when she was sparring with Himawari and she appears to have grown quite a bit. Her outfit has also undergone several changes and her attire is more fitting of a grown ninja.

Fans were impressed with her outfit as well as her better growth as a ninja. Hopefully, Part Two of Boruto won’t neglect her as they did in the first part.

6 Kawaki

Kawaki boruto two blue vortex

Kawaki is one of the main characters of Boruto and, expectedly, he received a completely new design for part two of the series. Kawaki appears to be sporting a long jacket now and his hair is much longer.

His pants are also very baggy and overall, his appearance is much edgier than one would like. That said, his character design is very similar to his personality and, for that reason, fans have come to like it as one of the better designs in the post-time skip of Boruto.

5 Boruto Uzumaki

Boruto uzumaki boruto two blue vortex

Boruto Uzumaki is the protagonist of the series and his design is certainly one that fans were looking forward to quite a lot. Boruto ended up getting a redesign from his initial outfit that fans saw him wear in the prologue of the manga.

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Boruto now wears a lot more accessories around his neck, and has an open shirt and a cape similar to Sasuke’s. In fact, his entire outfit is a copy of Sasuke Uchiha and, in some ways, that makes it lazy. Nonetheless, it does well to showcase his growth over the timeskip.

4 Sarada Uchiha

Sarada Uchiha boruto two blue vortex

Sarada Uchiha also received significant changes in her character design for Boruto Part 2. Sarada now has much shorter hair and wears rimless glasses. Furthermore, Sarada also wears a tube top on top of which she sports a baggy jacket.

She wears very short shorts along with surprisingly long heels. While her character design looks interesting, the heels are certainly unnecessary for a ninja and take away from her great character design quite a bit.

3 Sumire

Sumire boruto two blue vortex

Sumire, while not a main character in the series, was focused on in the first chapter of the new manga. She was somewhat relevant in the first part of Boruto as well and that only means that she will have a role to play in the second part too.

When it comes to her character design, she is seen wearing somewhat of a dress on top of a shirt. She is also wearing a necktie which compliments her outfit very well. Sumire has grown quite a lot and her hair also appears to be longer than it used to be.

2 Mitsuki

Mitsuki boruto two blue vortex

Mitsuki is one of the main characters in the Boruto series and fans were expecting for him to get a major design change for the second part of the story. Ikemoto certainly delivered on that as Mitsuki received a total overhaul.

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He seems to have grown quite a lot and now wears what appears to be a black top along with trousers of the same color, tied at his waist by a belt. When it comes to his facial appearance, he looks very similar to Log, his brother, the only difference being his much longer hair.

1 Himawari

Himawari boruto two blue vortex

Himawari Uzumaki was also revealed to the fans in Boruto: Two Blue Vortex chapter 1. Fans did not get to see much of her in the first manga and, thankfully, the very first chapter of the sequel has set the precedent for her, given that she was training with Chocho and is apparently very strong now.

Himawari has also grown quite a bit, evident from her height as well as her long hair. She remains skinny as ever and nimble as a ninja. Himawari wears a top with a sunflower motif, and loose pants which help her fight efficiently as a ninja. Her character design fits her personality perfectly and is certainly the best one in the story so far.

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