My Hero Academia: 8 Heroes Who Should Have Never Become Heroes

Not all heroes in My Hero Academia are deserving of the title. Here are some characters who prove they are not cut out for the task.


  • Some Pro Heroes in My Hero Academia may not deserve their title, as seen with characters like Power Loader and Lunch Rush.
  • People like Uwabami prioritize fame and money over heroics, while others like Shishido struggle with anger management.
  • Heroes like Manual lack confidence and strength, while figures like Endeavor have egotistical motivations that don’t align with heroism.

At first glance, the hero society of My Hero Academia seems quite simplistic: Good people who use their quirks to help others are branded as Pro Heroes, while bad people who use their quirks for antagonistic purposes are branded as villains. That said, this unique world of superheroes is actually much more gray and realistic.

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There are several characters in My Hero Academia that hold the title of Pro Hero, but they don’t really deserve it and should have never become one in the first place, whether it’s because they had corrupt motivations to reach this title or because they are not fit for the position at all. These are some of the most egregious examples in the series.

Power Loader

He Is More Comfortable As An Engineer

Power Loader in My Hero Academia

  • First Appearance: Manga (Chapter 20), Anime (Episode 13)

The prestigious faculty of U.A. High School is composed of many respected Pro Heroes, which makes a lot of sense. But there are also strange cases, such as Higari Maijima, better known as Power Loader. As an expert in machinery and technology, he’s the manager of the Support Development Studio, a role that fits him perfectly.

So the fact that Power Loader is supposed to be an established hero yet was never seen doing anything outside the school is quite odd. It’s obvious that he’s more comfortable working as an engineer and inventor at the school, so unless U.A. explicitly asked him to have a Hero license in order to apply for the job, he didn’t really need to become one.

Lunch Rush

Could Have Become A Renowned Professional Chef

The Cook Hero, Lunch Rush.

  • First Appearance: Manga (Chapter 7), Anime (Episode 6)

This is a similar case to Power Loader but on a smaller scale. Not much is known about the Pro Hero Lunch Rush aside from the fact that he is the head chef at the school’s cafeteria and that his cooking is exquisite. So the same question arises once again: Does he really need to be a Pro Hero? He has barely appeared on-screen, so it’s currently unknown if he has any abilities for fighting villains or rescuing people.

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Of course, feeding other heroes and keeping them healthy is extremely important, but he doesn’t really need a hero license to do that. With his culinary abilities, Lunch Rush could have become a professional chef or even set up his own commercial brand of food. At least he’s focused on feeding the next generation of heroes, which is a noble cause.


She’s Only Doing It For Fame And Money

Uwabami working as a model alongside Momo and Itsuka.

  • First Appearance: Manga (Chapter 48), Anime (Episode 27)

The life of a Pro Hero inevitably comes with a lot of fame, which can lead to great riches as well. This sadly means that a lot of people in the world of My Hero Academia only want to become heroes because they see it as an easy way to become rich and famous, and there’s no better example of this lifestyle than the Pro Hero, Uwabami.

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Uwabami is not just a hero, she’s also a celebrity. She self-admittedly prioritizes her work as a model rather than her job as a Pro Hero. When Momo Yayaorozu and Itsuka Kendo worked as interns in her agency, she decided to turn them into supermodels instead of teaching them how to be better heroes, which was a waste of their young talents. Uwabami can occasionally be seen working with other heroes, but it’s clear that it’s never her priority.


A Strong Fighter Who Needs Anger Management Classes

Shishido is introduced in the anime.

  • First Appearance: Manga (Chapter 246), Anime (Episode 103)

Shishido is The No. 13 Pro Hero of Japan and is quite a powerful fighter, mainly due to his quirk, Lion, which gives him the physical properties of the animal of the same name. It’s quite clear, however, that Shishido has an issue when it comes to performing his hero duties, and it’s the fact that he is quite hot-tempered and competitive.

These are not the most honorable characteristics someone would expect from a renowned Pro Hero, but it goes completely against one of the main plot points of the series. Many times throughout the story, it is stated that Katsuki Bakugo can’t or shouldn’t become a hero because of his hot temper and competitive nature. But can he really be blamed when he’s acting exactly like the No. 13 Pro Hero?

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The Self-Proclaimed “Normal Hero”

Manual speaking with Iida Tenya.

  • First Appearance: Manga (Chapter 47), Anime (Episode 28)

The real world is unfair, and the same can be said about the world of My Hero Academia: There are people who only use their powerful quirks for bad, and there are others who want to use their quirks for good, but they’re not really strong or effective. And Masaki Mizushima, better known as Manual, is the perfect example of this phenomenon.

Manual is a kind man who wants to help others, but he doesn’t have the strength or the powers to do much, as he has a mundane water-based quirk that is very rarely helpful. Not even his hero costume or hero name are interesting. Of course, it has been shown many times in this franchise that someone with a weak quirk can train it and become more powerful. But Manual has low self-esteem and clearly doesn’t believe in himself, so there’s not much he can do as a Pro Hero. At least his heart is in the right place.


He Was Driven By Egotistical Reasons

Endeavor scowls at All Might.

  • First Appearance: Manga (Chapter 1), Anime (Episode 17)

The current No. 1 Pro Hero Endeavor – real name Enji Todoroki – is the quintessential example of a corrupt superhero in My Hero Academia. He’s extremely powerful and highly respected because he has defeated many dangerous villains, but his personality and motivations leave a lot to be desired and don’t align with what most people would expect from a Pro Hero of his caliber.

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Aside from the fact that he can be strict and resentful, Endeavor was always driven by one objective: to surpass All Might no matter what. Because of this, he married Rei and forced her to have many children just because he wanted them to be born with a powerful combination of quirks. To make things worse, he was also a horrible father who physically and mentally abused Toya, Shoto, and even Rei herself. Endeavor’s ego and ambition destroyed his entire family, and he didn’t deserve to become such a renowned hero just because he was very strong. At least he’s finally trying to atone for his wrongdoings, even if it’s a little too late.

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Slidin’ Go

A Hidden Member Of The Meta Liberation Army

Slidin' Go shows his true allegiance to the Meta Liberation Army.

  • First Appearance: Manga (Chapter 219), Anime (Episode 100)

Tatsuyuki Tokoname, also known as Slidin’ Go, was one of the most charismatic and cheerful ground-level Pro Heroes. With a funny sliding quirk and a chipper personality, he was always trying his best to help around and never hesitated to hug others in order to make them feel better.

So it was quite a twist to find out that Slidin’ Go was a massive traitor who was actually working for Re-Destro’s Meta Liberation Army. While it’s currently unknown when he decided to join this villain organization, the fact that he betrayed his fellow heroes is quite despicable and a great sign that he never deserved the title of Pro Hero in the first place. It was all a facade.

Yoroi Musha

Couldn’t Endure The Hardships Of Being A Pro Hero And Gave Up Way Too Easily

Yoroi Musha is introduced as the No 9 Pro Hero.

  • First Appearance: Manga (Chapter 184), Anime (Episode 87)

The Equipped Hero Yoroi Musha used to be one of the most intriguing characters in My Hero Academia. He was introduced as the No. 9 Hero, and he had a really solid design: an old man with samurai armor and an imposing presence. Fans were eager to see him in action, and they were all wondering what his quirk could possibly be.

However, when all the heroes of Japan began receiving a huge amount of backlash after the Paranormal Liberation War, Yoroi Musha immediately announced his retirement while admitting to himself that he only did it for fame and respect. While he wasn’t the only Pro Hero who retired after the war, many others – like Death Arms – have reappeared and shown that they still have the heart of a true hero despite everything. But Yoroi Musha completely disappeared from the series and was never seen again. He’s one of the most disappointing characters in the entire series.

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