My Hero Academia: The Return of Hero Killer Stain, Explained

Stain recently made an appearance in the My Hero Academia Manga. What will this mean for the character going forward?


  • Stain, the Hero Killer, dislikes the corrupted hero society and vows to rid the world of fake heroes by killing them.
  • Stain provides All Might with crucial knowledge about All For One, altering the outcome of the conflict and allowing the heroes to better prepare.
  • Stain’s role in the final war remains a mystery, but if he decides to help the heroes, his skills as a fighter can significantly impact the outcome of the battle by reducing casualties. #MyHeroAcademia



Chizome Akaguro, popularly known by his title Hero Killer, Stain, is a villain and ex-vigilante who dislikes the corrupted hero society and the fake heroes in it. Looking up to All Might as the only true hero, Stain decided to rid the world of fake heroes by killing them. Chizome, like many other people, began his life as a child who feared and respected All Might. He enrolled in a private hero school in an attempt to emulate its graduates, only to discover the institution was rife with evil and corruption. Chizome dropped out of school to pursue a career as the vigilante Stendhal. After some time had passed, he embraced the moniker of Hero Killer and vowed to rid the world of all false heroes.

When readers of the My Hero Academia manga series last saw Stain, the Hero Killer had just been among a large group of inmates released from Tartarus in chapter 383. He was keeping watch on All Might’s statue and the girl who came to clean it on a regular basis. When All Might showed up to scold himself, Stain threatened to kill him before he could explain that he was, in fact, the hero Stain admired. Stain, who doubts that the frail Toshinori Yagi was ever the top hero, provides All Might with crucial knowledge about All For One, which alters the outcome of the conflict and allows the heroes to better prepare for their approaching fate.

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The State Of The War

Deku and main characters

All For One has returned to his physical prime, making for an explosive final battle. The fight has become unpredictable as events shift at the drop of a hat due to the efforts of Mt. Lady, Hawks, and some Shiketsu students to stop him. And now, with Kurogiri’s unexpected return having warped Dabi away from Shoto Todoroki, who had taken him on, the preparations of the heroes have fallen apart, and Dabi is fighting Endeavor. The biggest obstacle the heroes face is All For One, who is trying to reach Tomura Shigaraki to ensure he eliminates all possibilities of Tomura wrestling out of his control. With Dabi about to set off a massive explosion and All For One left unattended, Detective Naomasa Tsukauchi panics. To calm him, All Might contacts Shoto and Tenya, telling them that the fate of the world currently lies in their hands. Although the duo are worn out after their previous battle with Dabi, they agree that they must forge ahead and save their allies in danger. Meanwhile, All Might reassures the duo that a powerful ally is awaiting All For One as he prepares to take on his arch-nemesis.

Stain’s Role

Stain on a rooftop

Stain has been an impartial bystander during the entire final war. From the shadows, the Hero Killer watches as Shoto and Tenya in Kamino race to confront Dabi, who has been warped to Endeavor in the Gunga Mountains. Although his motivations remain a mystery, it is plausible to assume that the Hero Killer is on the heroes’ side given that he relayed information regarding All For One’s plans to them.

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How Can Stain Affect The Final War?


Stain is a skilled fighter who can play a pivotal role in a decisive conflict. The heroes’ biggest resource shortfall is men, so if Stain decides to help them fight back, they’ll feel a lot less pressure. Stain mutters the phrase “Altruism,” which means “selfless concern for the well-being of others without care for one’s own interests,” as he listens to Shoto and Tenya discuss how their powers exist to guide and protect lost children. The Hero Killer can either utilize his abilities to defend civilians from harm or to aid them in their fight against the approaching evil. Either way, if Stain acts for good rather than evil, he will reduce the overall casualties of the war, affecting the war in a more positive light.

My Hero Academia is available to stream on Crunchyroll.

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