Naruto: What Happened To The Tailed-Beasts After The 4th Great Ninja War?

What happened to the tailed-beasts after the 4th Great Ninja War is actually a lot more wholesome than you might think.


  • After the 4th Great Ninja War, most tailed-beasts wanted to return to their old homes, while the eight-tails and nine-tails decided to stay sealed within their jinchuriki.
  • Hagoromo returned the tailed-beasts to their original forms and designated Naruto as the meeting place for them to communicate. The nine-tails became the guardian of this meeting place.
  • Despite the horrors of the war, this outcome is surprisingly wholesome for the tailed-beasts, providing them with freedom and the ability to connect with one another through Naruto.



The Tailed-Beasts are not only a major part of the 4th Great Ninja War, but they have a big role in the story of Naruto as a whole as well. After all, the journey of Naruto himself is rooted in his struggle to live together and also harness the power of the nine-tails beast that was sealed inside him. And then there’s also the whole debacle regarding Akatsuki’s attempts to hunt the tailed-beasts that eventually lead to the 4th Great Ninja War.

While it is certainly interesting to talk about what happened to the tailed-beasts leading up to the great war, this article will focus on the other end of the spectrum, which is to answer the question of what happened to them AFTER the event of the 4th Great Ninja War. So keep on reading because the answer is surprisingly more wholesome than you might think.

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The Tailed-Beasts During The 4th Great Ninja War

Ten-Tails Jinchuriki Naruto

Long before the war, the Akatsuki has been diligently capturing the Jinchuriki and extracting their tailed-beasts. It’s unclear why they do it at the time, but once the great war happens, we finally understand that the purpose behind the frantic hunt of the Tailed-Beasts is to revive the legendary Ten-Tailed beast in order to execute Madara’s Infinite Tsukoyomi’s plan.

The only tailed-beasts that the Akatsuki failed to collect are the eight-tails, which is sealed within Killer B, and nine-tails, which is sealed within Naruto. The other seven tailed-beasts are already sealed within the Gedo Statue. That is why the Ninja Alliance tried to hide the two jinchuriki during the early stages of the war. But it doesn’t take a long time for them to realize that it will be much better to use Naruto and Killer B massive powers to help them win the war, rather than hiding them in a place that will be found out by the enemy anyway.

In the later stage of the war, the enemy managed to snatch both the eight-tails and nine-tails chakra. Not all of them, which is why both Naruto and Killer B are still alive, but they get enough chakra to revive the ten-tailed. And that is pretty much the state of the tailed-beasts until the end of the war. Seven tailed-beasts are sealed within the ten-tailed, with some parts of the eight and nine-tails, while the other two are still sealed within their respective jinchuriki.

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The Tailed-Beasts After The 4th Great Ninja War

The Tailed Beasts with Naruto

Near the end of the war, the legendary Hagoromo Otsutsuki, the original sage of the six paths, appears and guides Naruto and Sasuke, along with a few others, in defeating his mother, Kaguya Otsutsuki. When everything finally ended, Hagoromo returned the nine tailed-beasts to their original forms and had a rather wholesome discussion with them. Now that they are finally free from their confinement, he asked them what they wanted to do next. Their answers separate the beasts into two groups.

The majority of the tailed-beasts, specifically from the first-tailed to the seven-tailed beasts, express their desire to go back to their home. After all, these beasts used to roam free for centuries before the pesky ninjas of the past started to hunt them, sealed them to a jinchuriki, and basically harnessed their powers. So now that they are finally free, most of them want to go back to their old resting place, most of which are secluded forests, hidden caves, and vast mountainous areas.

Eight-tails and nine-tails beasts, however, have an entirely different answer. Even though they are free to go wherever they want now, the two of them choose to stay with their current jinchuriki. Because unlike the other tailed-beasts, they both actually become close friends with their respective jinchurikis and enjoy their company. Respecting their wishes, Hagoromo sealed the two of them back into Killer B and Naruto, or to be more specific, he returned their captured chakra to make them whole again.

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Naruto And His New Role For The Tailed-Beasts

Naruto: Naruto And Kurama Working Together

During the war, every tailed-beasts comes to trust Naruto and agrees to lend some of their chakra to him. Thanks to that, Naruto has a piece of all nine tailed-beasts chakra within him, which allows them to talk to Naruto, and to each other through Naruto, whenever they want. With this in mind, Hagoromo decided to designate Naruto (or to be more specific, the space within Naruto where the nine-tails resides) as the meeting place of the tailed-beasts.

Furthermore, he also assigned the nine-tails to be the guardian of the meeting place. Since nine-tails already decided to stay within Naruto anyway, this additional task doesn’t really bother him. So after the war, Naruto basically becomes the home that connects every tailed-beasts.

So in conclusion, after the 4th great ninja war, the majority of the tailed-beasts decided to come back to their old home, while two of them chose to stay sealed within their jinchuriki. Not only that, they can also talk to each other through Naruto whenever they feel like it, with the nine-tails tasked as the guardians of their meeting place. After the terrible ordeal that they went through during the great war, that is a rather wholesome outcome for the tailed beasts, don’t you agree?

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