One Piece: 10 Key Moves That Show Trafalgar Law’s Brilliance

Trafalgar Law is a brilliant fighter in the world of One Piece, and these moves prove just how great he can be.

Trafalgar Law, a character in Eiichiro Oda’s blockbuster anime and manga series One Piece, is an important figure in the pirate world. Law, dubbed the “Surgeon of Death,” is a fearsome pirate leader and former Warlord of the Sea. He has the power of the “Ope Ope no Mi” Devil Fruit, which grants him control over spatial manipulation. He has a calm attitude and a strategic intellect.



Law’s mastery of this skill allows him to chop up and rearrange items, earning him the moniker “Menacing.” Law’s complicated past, intricate ties, and enigmatic demeanor make him a compelling and morally ambiguous character as he navigates the perilous waters of the Grand Line in One Piece.

10 Room

Trafalgar Law ROOM-1

“Room,” Law’s hallmark technique, demonstrates his mastery of the Ope Ope no Mi Devil Fruit. Law obtains control over the space within by forming a circular zone, allowing him to alter items and people at will. He has the ability to remove and rearrange bodily parts, teleport teammates and enemies, and even redirect strikes.

Room’s adaptability shows Law to be a formidable thinker and soldier, giving him a distinct advantage in battle. He may use this talent to alter the tide of battles, demonstrating his surgical accuracy and the depth of his tactical brilliance inside the intricate universe of One Piece.

9 Heart Shambles

Heart Shambles

The Heart Shambles Operation is a sub-technique of Shambles, which allows him to swap two items’ positions. Once his opponents are in the “Room,” Law can transfer their identities. This means that one person will start living within the body of the other. Since the body is unfamiliar, they are unsure how to use it effectively, giving Law a significant advantage in fight.

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Law has done this several times. During the Punk Hazard arc, he even managed to do it to several Straw Hat crew members. When used appropriately, this power, like the others of the Ope Ope no Mi, poses a severe threat to anyone.

8 Radio Knife

Radio Knife

Radio Knife is a superior variant of the Amputate skill. To execute it, Law wraps his sword in charged energy before slashing his opponent. As a result, the target is not only divided into segments, but also receives an electric shock. Despite bisecting the targets, the Radio Knife cut, like Amputate, isn’t damaging in and of itself.

Radio Knife differs from Amputate in that Radio Knife prohibits the target from reattaching their own body. This technique is intended to counter any ability that allows the user to reassemble himself after being hit by Law’s standard slashes.

7 Counter Shock

Counter Shock

The operation of this technology is similar to that of a defibrillator. To execute this technique, Law must thrust his hands forward against his target’s chest. He then discharges a tremendous electrical charge.

Law used Counter Shock on Scotch, an assassin in the New World, and defeated him right away. He later used it against Vergo, inflicting some damage on him. Law demonstrated an enhanced form of Counter Shock during the Wano Arc, which grew powerful enough to harm Big Mom, one of the Four Emperors.

6 Takt


Takt enables Law to telekinetically raise and manipulate an object within his “Room.” To apply this technique if the object is stuck in the ground, he first performs a lifting gesture with his index finger to get it off the ground. He then directs the thing to a different spot by directing his finger in the appropriate direction.

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Law may move many things at once with Takt. He can employ this skill to impale his adversaries by raising stone thorns from the ground, moving massive rocks as projectiles, or lifting items as large as a battleship.

5 Injection Shot

injection shot

Law runs towards his victim with his sword held out to perform Injection Shot. Law causes the sword to puncture the target further, similar to an injection. The targeted opponent is pushed back significantly and bleeds from the damaged area.

Injection Shot is one of Law’s most devastating moves, first used against Doflamingo in the Dressrosa Arc. He later used it against Kaido as a surprise attack in the Wano Arc. In that instance, Injection Shot enabled Law to do some damage on the Emperor despite his amazing skin durability.

4 Gamma Knife

gamma knife

Law’s strongest move, aside from Awakening methods, is Gamma Knife. This attack is exceedingly hazardous. Law generates a short blade of energy and stabs the opponent with it to complete the feat. The target sustains no external wounds, but his internal organs are destroyed, causing him great harm.

Doflamingo, who was affected by this technique, struggled to cope with its consequences. He only survived because of the power of his Devil Fruit, which allowed him to sew his wounded organs back together. Law utilized Gamma Knife against Kaido during the Wano Arc. The Emperor suffered relatively minor injuries, although it should be noted that his organs may differ from those of a human.

3 Shock Wille

shock wille

Law can coat his sword Kikoku with a special type of “Room,” the K-Room, after mastering the Awakening abilities of his Ope-Ope Fruit. As a result, the sword can pierce through anything without injuring the target. Law can also expand his sword’s range by enlarging it. He cannot, however, use moves like Shambles because the Room is not stretched about him, but is focused on his sword.

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After penetrating the target with his sword, Law sends a shock wave through it, injuring the target from within. This attack, known as Shock Wille, was originally employed against Big Mom, causing significant internal damage. She was bleeding from the lips and some of her bones were fractured. She did, however, manage to survive it.

2 Puncture Wille

Puncture Wille

Puncture Wille is Law’s most powerful and devastating tactic. To execute this attack, Law must position himself above his target and puncture him with his K-ROOM-coated sword Kikoku. He drills his opponent’s body to the ground while the sword stretches downward, phasing through whatever is in its path.

When Kikoku reaches a certain depth, Law unleashes a strong shockwave that implodes everything the sword’s solid blade pierced. This severely hurts the target and partially destroys the environment. Puncture Wille was powerful enough to hurt Big Mom when used against her. The attack also left a massive crater near Wano’s Flower Capital.

1 Immortality Operation

Immortality Operation

Immortality Operation is the Ope Ope no Mi’s most valuable attribute and one of the reasons it is dubbed as the ‘Ultimate Devil Fruit.’ This surgery permits Law to grant someone immortality, but the cost is his own life.

As of yet, Law has not used this ability, and it remains to be seen whether he will. This ability is also one of the reasons Doflamingo sought the Ope Ope no Mi in the first place. While not an offensive technique, Law’s most dangerous skill is one that the entire world craves.

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