One Piece: 6 Countries Liberated By Nika

Nika, the Sun God, has liberated many countries in the One Piece world.

One Piece has seen Nika return after 800 years and the Warrior of Liberation is more active now than ever before. Fans have absolutely loved Luffy’s transformation into Nika and, now that the story is in the Final Saga, the battles that the Warrior of Liberation will fight from here onwards are going to be more intense.



As Nika, Luffy has always had freedom at the core of his heart and this freedom is what he spread to wherever he has been to as well. On his journey to where he is right now, Luffy has liberated several countries already and the vast majority of them have allied with him right now, which has only added to his tremendous strength.

6 Drum Island

Luffy Drum Island

One of the very first Kingdoms that Luffy liberated was Kingdom of Drum, also known as the Sakura Kingdom. This place was under the control of Wapol for the longest time. After Blackbeard attacked the country, Wapol fled and, eventually, returned to reclaim the country and oppress the people.

Thankfully, Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates were in the Kingdom at the time and they ended up clashing with each other. Luffy blasted Wapol far away and protected the Kingdom of Drum once and forever. Dalton was elected as the new ruler of the Kingdom and the Sakura Kingdom has prospered ever since.

5 Arabasta

Vivi One Piece 1060

The Kingdom of Arabasta was the very first major Kingdom that the Straw Hat Pirates visited in the Grand Line. This place was absolutely majestic and was composed of several cities, however, the sad reality of the situation was that it was engulfed by a civil war caused by none other than the mastermind, Sir Crocodile.

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After uncovering the identity of Mr. 0, the crew ended up fighting against the Baroque Works and Luffy took it upon himself to dispose of Crocodile. In a very difficult fight, Luffy finally ended up defeating him and uncovered the facade that he had put up for everyone to see in Arabasta. The Warrior of Liberation, Nika, liberated the land of Arabasta in this arc.

4 Fishman Island


Fishman Island is a country that has faced immense persecution from humans in the One Piece world. They have been hated for centuries and even kidnapped and trafficked all for the use of humans. Even though Fishmen have tried to bridge the gap with humans, the process seems incredibly daunting.

In the Fishman Island arc, Hody Jones, one of the Fishmen, decided that peace would never be an option and took over the country for himself. Knowing that the differences between humans and the Fish Men could be bridged, help was requested from Luffy and the Warrior of Liberation delivered once again. Luffy defeated Hody and prevented Noah from being destroyed. Joy Boy’s promise that was made to Fishman Island is still being kept and it is only a matter of time before Luffy delivers on this promise and brings Fishman Island to the surface to live among everyone else under the real sun as equals.

3 Dressrosa

Rebecca Fighting In Dressrosa

Dressrosa is the Kingdom of passion, and love and it was ruled by Donquixote Doflamingo until recently. While on the surface, Dressrosa looked like a happy place, the reality was far from it. The dirty hidden secret of Dressrosa was eventually uncovered by the Straw Hat Pirates and Luffy once again took it upon himself to free the country.

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Doflamingo controlling every single aspect from behind the scenes and enslaving people pissed Luffy off and he decided to crush him once and for all. King Riku III was then reelected as the King of Dressrosa.

2 Zou

Raizo One Piece

Zou is a country on the back of the elephant, Zunesha. This land is inhabited by the Mink Tribe, powerful and distant allies of the Ancient Kingdom. The country of the Minks was ravaged by none other than Jack the Drought. Jack eventually left, however, the Minks were left to die as well.

It was the Straw Hat Pirates, who work under Luffy, who saved the day. Chopper and Sanji were the ones who took charge of the situation while Nami helped tremendously along with Brook as well. While Nika did not directly save them, it was his crew and, thus, him, who made it possible.

1 Wano Country

Wano Arc One Piece

The land of Wano had been enslaved for over 20 years by Kaido, one of the Four Emperors of the Sea. Enslaving every man, woman, and child in the country, Kaido was making life impossible for humans.

When Kin’emon and Momonosuke begged Luffy for help, he befriended them and eventually went to Wano, where he clashed with Kaido. Even though defeating Kaido was hard, Luffy ended up ascending to his level and the Nika fruit finally awakened as well. This allowed Luffy to best Kaido and liberate the land of Wano in the process. This arc saw the rebirth of the Warrior of Liberation and Sun God Nika and, for that reason, it holds paramount importance in One Piece.

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