One Piece: The Hole Of Lulusia Kingdom, Explained

Here’s how the hole of Lulusia Kingdom was created in One Piece.


  • The introduction of the Mother Flame, a weapon created by Vegapunk, has caused major destruction and chaos in the world of One Piece.
  • Vegapunk’s intention in creating the Mother Flame was to provide a never-ending source of energy for world peace, but it has been used for evil purposes.
  • The destruction of the Lulusia Kingdom and the subsequent geological cataclysm caused by the Mother Flame have led to widespread devastation and loss of life, highlighting the immense power of this weapon.



One Piece chapter 1089 dropped not long ago and while it didn’t feature any action, it was quite possibly one of the most intense chapters of the Egghead Island Arc as a whole. The chapter featured the reaction of the world to the news about the disappearance of Garp, and Luffy being under siege on Egghead Island. More importantly, it covered the catastrophe that shook the entire world of One Piece 6 days after the destruction of the kingdom of Lulusia.

Much to the surprise of the fans, the kingdom of Lulusia has been erased from the map of the world without a trace and what’s even more shocking is that there is a massive hole with a perennial waterfall on all sides right in the middle of the ocean now. All of this ties to Saint Nerona Imu, and the usage of the Mother Flame.

The Creation Of Mother Flame

Vegapunk scared of York

The Mother Flame was introduced for the very first time moments before the destruction of the Lulusia Kingdom. According to Imu, the Mother Flame was a weapon created by Vegapunk that was sent to them and they wanted to test it out by destroying Lulusia. At the moment, it is unclear what Mother Flame actually is. It could very well be a weapon of mass destruction, however, it could also be the energy source that the weapon of mass destruction requires. These are two very distinct but equally real possibilities. Regardless of that, the Mother Flame was certainly created by none other than Vegapunk.

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While fans might be wondering as to why exactly this dangerous weapon was created by a man who wants world peace, the answer is actually in the question itself. Vegapunk wants to give rise to peace by creating a never-ending source of energy. This source of energy can and certainly will be used for evil as well and his creation of Mother Flame certainly is an example of that. Vegapunk certainly did not intend for this energy source to be used as a means to destroy countries and wipe them off the face of the earth. Instead, he wants to use it in a way that it ended wars and solved issues such as poverty, among many other things. It is clear that Vegapunk created Mother Flame on Egghead Island. Judging by York’s words, the Mother Flame is created in a fusion reactor, which means this energy source is very similar to the energy of the sun. Perhaps, the Mother Flame is Vegapunk’s attempt at replicating an infinite power source that once existed during the Void Century.

Imu’s Usage Of Mother Flame

Sabo in Lulusia

When Vegapunk created Mother Flame, he most certainly knew that this power can be used for evil purposes, just as much as it can be used for good. Being the smartest person in the entire world, one would assume that Vegapunk is not that naive. That is precisely why it was not Stella himself who sent Mother Flame to Imu. Instead, it was none other than York. Fans do not know exactly why York sent the Mother Flame to them. However, it was likely because she wants them on their good side and her goal is to ascend to the rank of Celestial Dragon, which would be greatly aided if the World Government realized that they have an incredible asset who can help them strengthen their grip on the entire world in their grasp.

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As soon as Vegapunk sent Mother Flame to Imu and the Five Elders, they decided to wipe out the Kingdom of Lulusia with its powers. Lulusia was chosen as the target for three reasons. The very first one was that Sabo’s call to Dragon was intercepted from a location close to Lulusia. The second reason was that the seeds of rebellion were already sown in this country as they had been rebelling for quite a while. And, thirdly, this country was close enough for the Mother Flame to deliver immediate results.

The Hole Of Lulusia Kingdom

Imu one piece chapter 1085

On the day of reckoning, the people of Lulusia saw clouds cover the entire sky and a giant spaceship hovered over the clouds. The shadow of the spaceship was cast on the entire island and within the blink of an eye, 16 rays were shot down, resulting in the entire island getting vaporized immediately and thousands of people dying.

While Sabo did manage to save a bunch of people, the vast majority ended up dead. The fate of Lulusia was not revealed to the fans until recently. While it was quite clear that this island had been destroyed, it was not explained to the fans as to what degree it was destroyed.

One Piece chapter 1089 saw to that and showed the fans that Lulusia had been completely wiped off the face of the earth. When the world government sent ships to investigate the aftermath of the destruction of the island, they could only find a massive hole right in the middle of the ocean which refused to collapse in on itself. Essentially, the hole was surrounded by waterfalls on all sides and it was impossible to get near to it. This only meant that the Mother Flame was a great success and now, the World Government want York to keep producing this incredible power for them. This plays greatly into the events of the Egghead Island Arc, simply because York is now a very valuable asset to the World Government and needs to be protected by the Marines. Meanwhile, Luffy and the group will be using York as a human shield in order to make their escape from Egghead.

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The Aftermath

The Aftermath Of The Motherflame one piece 1089

While one would assume that the destruction of Lulusia stopped with the island being vaporized, they couldn’t be further from the truth. 6 days after the destruction of the island of Lulusia, the world of One Piece witnessed a very strange cataclysm. This cataclysm was felt in every corner of the world and the epicenter was impossible to locate. That took away quite a bit from the significance of this geological event, however, fans did get to see what exactly caused it. From the East Blue, all the way to Wano in the New World, the world of One Piece shook like it had never done before. The earthquake felt that day was higher than ever recorded in history. Furthermore, this also led to tsunamis and sank several islands. The global sea level rose by 1 meter, which is alarming, to say the least.

Countless people ended up dying and all this was because of the weapon, Mother Flame, that was used to eradicate Lulusia from the face of the earth. As such, Mother Flame is a great success for the World Government, and if they want to get their hands on more of it, the world of One Piece would simply collapse. Nobody can rival power of this magnitude. If Luffy is to fight against such might, then he would need the help of his very own Ancient Weapons, such as Poseidon and Pluton.

From here onwards, the events going on in the One Piece world are surely going to get more interesting and fans cannot wait to see what transpires in the Egghead Arc moving forward.

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