Oshi no Ko Manga Goes On Temporary Hiatus

Oshi no Ko fans will have to wait until at least September to see the next chapter of the story.


  • Popular manga series Oshi no Ko is going on a temporary hiatus due to health issues of author Aka Akasaka, affecting another series as well.
  • Oshi no Ko gained worldwide popularity for its unique blend of idol anime and murder mystery, with its opening song topping music charts.
  • Akasaka, known for Kaguya-Sama: Love is War, is currently focused on writing and will use the hiatus to catch up on missed work, with Oshi no Ko and Renai Daikou expected to return in September.



The manga version of popular anime series Oshi no Ko is going on a temporary hiatus of at least one month. This is because the author, Aka Akasaka, has been struggling with some health issues. The delay will affect not only Oshi no Ko, but also Renai Daikou, another popular manga series that Akasaka works on.

The announcement of the hiatus came via Akasaka’s official Twitter page, where the details surrounding the hiatus and a message from Aka Akasaka himself were posted. While the issue seems to already be finished and Akasaka on the road to recovery, he needs time to catch up on the work that was missed over the past month. That is the reason for the hiatus, allowing him to make up for the time that was lost.

Oshi no Ko took the world by storm when it debuted earlier this year. The anime world is absolutely saturated with idol anime every year, but Oshi no Ko really stood apart as something special. Part idol anime, part murder mystery, it won the hearts of fans around the world as it progressed through its unexpected story. Plus, the opening song “Idol” by YOASOBI has gone on to break records, even topping music charts outside of Japan despite being entirely in Japanese.

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As often happens, the popularity of the anime has driven sales in the manga as well as fans clamber for more material, especially when the anime finishes airing. This delay on the Oshi no Ko manga will no doubt leave some fans disappointed, but hopefully knowing the reason behind it will help with that. According to Akasaka, he was struggling a month ago with his health (possibly mental health, from his wording), but is doing better now.

Akasaka is most famous for his manga Kaguya-Sama: Love is War, which was also the last manga that he drew. Now, he has been focused on writing instead of drawing, which is what he does for both Oshi no Ko and Renai Daikou. Mengo Yokoyari is the artist for Oshi no Ko, and Nishizawa 5mm for Renai Daikou. Considering the success of the former, at least, Akasaka was not wrong about wanting to spend more of his energy with writing!

Akasaka said in his Tweet that he is now working under better conditions, and will be using this time to catch up on his work for both Oshi no Ko and Renai Daikou. It is no secret that the manga-making world can be unforgiving, with long, hard hours and pressure to meet impossible deadlines. We wish Aka Akasaka a swift recovery from his illness, and are proud that he was able to be honest with fans and take the time he needed to recover. Everyone will be waiting for the next chapters of Oshi no Ko and Renai Daikou to return in September!

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At the time of publishing, Oshi no Ko is planning to return on September 14th, 2023, and Renai Daikou on September 7, 2023.

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