One Piece 1090: Kizaru Arrives

A fight between the Straw Hats and Kizaru becomes inevitable.


  • One Piece chapter 1090 sets the stage for the Egghead Incident, with the preparation for war and the goals of each group being revealed.
  • The situation on Egghead Island is dire for the Straw Hat Pirates, with Robin gravely injured and two major deaths. The World Government aims to eliminate all Vegapunks except for York.
  • The Marines have three tasks: eliminate the Vegapunks, rescue York, and protect the power plant and Punk Records. The Seraphims and Cipher Pol agents trapped in the lab are introduced.



Warning: The following contains spoilers for chapter 1090 of One Piece, “Kizaru,” by Eiichiro Oda, translated by Stephen Paul, and lettered by Vanessa Satone, now available in English from MangaPlus.

One Piece chapter 1090 dropped recently after another long break and while not as intense as the last few chapters, this one served as a great buildup chapter for the Egghead Incident, which has now officially begun. This chapter mostly went over the preparation for the war and what the goals of each group are. The Straw Hat Pirates received their fair share of attention and fans were made aware of what their plan is.

Meanwhile, the Marines also made their goals very clear and fans now have an idea of what each party is fighting for. Towards the end of the chapter, the Egghead Incident was officially underway, and from here onwards, fans will see some major developments in the One Piece world the likes of which have never been seen before.

The Situation on Egghead

Straw hat pirates one piece 1090

One Piece chapter 1090 focused on the situation both inside and outside of Egghead Island, as was expected. Inside the island, Luffy and the group are currently in the Labophase, while Sentomaru and his group are on the Fabriophase. Luffy was seen engaging in a conversation with the Five Elders, shortly after York talked to them. Luffy intends to have the Five Elders pull back their forces if they want York alive. Hearing his voice, the Five Elders tried to ask him about the current situation inside Egghead Island, to which Luffy did not hesitate in replying. Being stopped by Robin midway, it became imperative for the World Government to get information on the happenings inside Egghead Island through some other way, which they eventually achieved through Rob Lucci, who is very much against the Straw Hat Pirates even now.

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When it comes to the situation inside Egghead Island, things don’t look too good for the Straw Hats as Robin is somehow gravely injured at the moment. At the same time, Kaku is also injured, however, the biggest loss has come in the form of two major deaths, in Shaka as well as Pythagoras. This would be a small victory for the World Government, who want to eliminate every single Vegapunk other than York as soon as possible. This information was also relayed to the Five Elders and the Marines by Rob Lucci.

Oda then shifted focus to the Marines’ side and made sure that the fans fully understood why the Navy were there and what their role was going to be in the Egghead Incident. Currently, they have three tasks at hand. The first one is to eliminate the Vegapunks, but rescue York, given that she is of paramount importance to them. The second goal would be to protect the power plant which they need to produce Mother Flame. The third thing they need to protect is Punk Records, given that this is the brain of Vegapunk and all the valuable information that he has amassed is present inside. This is of paramount importance to the World Government and the rest are just things that they can sacrifice.

Seraphims Under Control

Seraphims under control one piece 1090

One Piece chapter 1090 also gave fans a look at the Cipher Pol agents that were trapped in the laboratory down below the Labophase of Egghead Island. All the Cipher Pol agents that were sent by the Government over the course of the past 3 months were made prisoner by York and locked in this laboratory. They had been starving for quite a long time and thanks to the Straw Hat Pirates, they finally had some food. Fans also got a look at the Seraphims at the same time. By the looks of it, all of them have been trapped inside bubbles. These bubbles are the same ones that are utilized by the Mark 3 Pacifistas.

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They appear to be similar in nature to the bubbles in Sabaody and they exhibit properties similar to the ocean, meaning that Devil Fruit uses are rendered weak when in contact with these bubbles. Fans could see S-Shark, S-Snake, S-Hawk, and S-Bear, all trapped inside these bubbles. While the Cipher Pol agents were terrified of them, the Seraphims made it quite clear that they had nothing to fear from them, since they are insignificant to their mission. The chapter also went on to explain how all the petrified people on Egghead were saved. Luffy asked S-Snake to unpetrify everyone and S-Snake simply agreed to his request. This is confirmation that all of the Seraphims carry the same personality traits as their parent bodies, meaning that even S-Snake is intended to eventually fall in love with Luffy, just like Hancock.

Vegapunk Against Time

Vegapunk against time one piece 1090

At the same time, fans could see the Straw Hat Pirates finally prepare for their grand exit from Egghead Island. Given that they are surrounded on all sides by the Navy at the moment, the Straw Hat Pirates had to decide what course of action they take next. That is precisely where Vegapunk came in. In a conversation with Nami, Vegapunk made it quite clear that since the log has not yet acclimatized to the magnetic field of Egghead, they can still follow the other two paths of the Logpose.

It appears that the path that the Straw Hat Pirates will take from here onwards will lead them to Elbaf. The only problem in their way right now is that Egghead is surrounded by the Frontier Dome, which they need to deactivate. Currently, the Frontier Dome is under York’s control. She has changed the passcode and the Vegapunks Need to get cracking if they are to make an escape in time. The idea is to use the Vegaforce to fly over the fleet and then use the Coup de Burst to fly a kilometer ahead and escape to safety. Naturally, fans already know that this plan will not succeed and towards the end of the chapter, it already started to fall apart, thanks to Admiral Kizaru.

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Sentomaru Vs Kizaru

Sentomaru Vs Kizaru One piece 1090

Kizaru was central to the vast majority of One Piece chapter 1090. Fans saw him engage in a conversation with Saturn, where the latter suggested that he fly directly into Egghead, given that he is a light man and can go past the Frontier Dome. Kizaru, however, had a different plan in mind. He wanted to confront Sentomaru first, given that he is his friend and simply ignoring him would be like spitting in his face. Kizaru values his resolve and wants to give him the fight that he deserves and for that reason, he flew to the Fabriophase first. Using his powerful Devil Fruit, Kizaru utilized the Yata no Kagami ability to fly straight past the sea beasts and enter Egghead Island. Towards the end of the chapter, fans could see Sentomaru prepare for his arrival.

As soon as he noticed Kizaru coming, he ordered all the Pacifistas to destroy everything within their sight. This has officially now triggered the Egghead Incident. Meanwhile, Kizaru ended up clashing with Sentomaru, who used his powerful Ryuo to stop his lightspeed kick, exclaiming that his guard is the strongest in the entire world. Fans will surely see this fight play out a bit in the next chapter, however, it shouldn’t be expected to last long, given that Kizaru is way too strong for Sentomaru to beat and, at the same time, he’s already injured. Luffy, who noticed his powerful presence on Egghead at the end of the chapter, is likely going to be the one who will fight against Kizaru soon, with Zoro and Sanji being up there in contention as well. From here onwards, fans can expect a chaotic war to finally begin in Egghead, with each chapter being bigger than the previous one.

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